How To Save Your Marriage

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Discover 2 working methods on how to save your marriage

How to save your marriage is one huge challenge. In fact, there is research that each year in America alone, nearly 1 million marriages end in divorce. This is an incredible number!

If you are reading this from the US, that divorce number would be as if all the citizens of Houston Texas were divorced (each divorce leaves 2 people).

The question is how many of those marriages could be saved. Unfortunately, that is an invisible number. If your marriage stays together, it is hard to find in the statistics. As Marian Wright Edelman wrote, statistics are stories with the tears washed off.


Can your marriage be saved? If I could answer that, I would be a wealthy man. However, I can tell you that if your marriage is in trouble and you do nothing, the outcome is guaranteed. If you do something, there is a much better chance that your marriage will be saved.

And I can tell you, there are 2 methods that you can use to save your marriage.

Aggressive and traditional methods

How to save your marriage with an aggressive method

The aggressive way is where you use methods that might seem out of the ordinary. Here, I mean methods that some would see as taboo or unreasonable. When your marriage is in trouble, you don’t have time to think or do what should please others.

You do whatever it takes to save your marriage. In the marriage that you have worked for a long time, you have sacrificed way too much to care about what others think.

Think about the pain you go through every day and night. The love you had with your husband that you are witnessing is phasing away in your eyes like a sunset. You are running out of time and options.

All you have to do to save your marriage is cast a save marriage spell.  You see, love or relationship is a spiritual element that keeps alive no matter what happens between the parties. When your partner starts misbehaving, it does not mean that the love is gone.

Because love is spiritual, it never leaves; it just temporarily disappears from any of you or both. This results in a decrease of love and spiritual energies that are meant to keep the love afloat.


To give you an example: At times in marriage, you will wake up thinking about your partner and thinking about them deeply and feeling so much in love. This could be after your partner tells you something pleasant or does something for you.  When that happens, your spiritual love energies increase because of what your partner did.


Now, what love spells do is to spiritually re-ignite that lost energy and adjust it to a level acceptable or even higher than it was before.

How to save your marriage spell is not harmful to you or your partner. All it does is help you bring back that lost element. These spells do not have after-effects, and once your love is amended, you should be in a normal relationship without any side effects.


In four simple steps, what can you do to save your marriage? You can start right now. But you must understand that I said “simple.” That is not the same as “easy.” These steps are not accessible. They do, however, give you a path that you must follow if you want to change the destiny of a marriage in trouble.

It sometimes happens that love weakens to affection, and you know that nothing is going to kindle its fires again. Cast this spell when you realize this has happened to you, and you want to keep your marriage alive.

Do the ritual during a waning moon between dusk and midnight.
You will need:

Thread the lockets onto the white cord and tie the ends with a double knot. As you tie this, say:

This knot bound our hearts
But now has come the time to part.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Untie the knot slowly, saying:

The ties that link us may have faded
But let our affection remain unjaded.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Very gently slide one of the lockets off the cord, saying as you do:

I release you, for our love’s at an end,
But please forever be my [husband, wife, friend]
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Thread the locket onto the pink cord and say:

Now you are one, go in peace.

Wrap this locket in the cloth along with the photograph and any other mementos before reknotting the white cord with the other locket still on it.

Light the candle and move the locket around its flame, thanking your deities for the happiness you once had and asking them that when the time is right, you and your former lover will both find happiness with new partners.

When the candle burns down, take the cloth package and put it at the bottom of a drawer you rarely open. Or if you prefer, you can bury it in your garden.

And let it be done, that it harm no one.


Spellcasting Expected Outcomes:

If you follow the exact steps above and flawlessly perform the spell, you will notice that your partner begins to calm down slowly. As I said, if you desperately want to save your marriage and really want it wrong, then you have to do whatever it takes to save it.



How to save your marriage in the traditional method

And I can tell you, in four simple steps, what you can do to save your marriage. You can start right now. But you must understand that I said “simple.” That is not the same as “easy.”

These steps are not accessible. They do, however, give you a path that you must follow if you want to change the destiny of a marriage in trouble.


Here are the 4 steps how to save your marriage:

1) Quit the blame game.
Stop blaming your spouse, and stop blaming yourself. This is the first step because marriages get frozen into a pattern of blame that immobilizes any prospect of progress. Instead, the momentum gets dragged down and down.

Blame is our way of avoiding seeing ourselves clearly. It is much easier to point the finger somewhere and say, “It’s their fault.” But in marriage, you can just as quickly turn that pointing finger on yourself and place the blame there, saying, “It’s all my fault.”

Unfortunately, blame feels good in the short term, but in the long term, it prevents any shift or change. So, even if you can make a long list of why you or your spouse should be blamed, forget it. Even if that list is factual, it will not help you put your marriage back together. Blame is the fuel of divorce.

2) Take responsibility.
Decide you can do something. Change always begins with one person who wants to see a change. Understand that taking responsibility is not the same as taking the blame (see above).

Instead, blame is saying, “Regardless of who is at fault, there are some things I can do differently, and I am going to do them.” What buttons do you allow your spouse to push? What buttons do you push with your spouse? Decide not to allow those buttons to be pushed and stop pushing the buttons.

What amazes me in my counseling is that everyone knows what they should be doing or not doing. But it isn’t easy to move in that direction. Don’t be caught in that. Decide that you will take action.


The difference between blame and responsibility is this: if I am in a burning building, I can stand around trying to figure out who started the blaze, why it has spread so quickly, and who I am going to sue when it is over (blame), or I can get myself and anyone else I can out of that building (taking responsibility). When a marriage is in trouble, the house is on fire. How will you take action to save the marriage?

3) Get resources from experts.
If others have been helped, you can be, too. Experts with a great deal more perspective and experience can be a real help in these situations. Do your research and divide the useless from the useful, then take advantage of the useful.

Don’t assume that your situation is so different from every other situation. I can tell you that after 20-some years of providing therapy, not too much new comes through my doors. Don’t get me wrong; the story changes, but the dynamics are the same.

Remember what Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” In other words, what got you into trouble will not get you out of trouble. That requires a whole new level of thinking. And that is what you get from an outside expert, someone with a fresh perspective.

4) Take action.
More damage is done by doing nothing by taking a misstep. It is too easy to get paralyzed by the situation. Therapists often talk about “analysis paralysis.” This occurs when people get so caught up in their churning thoughts and attempt to “figure things out” that they never take action.

It is not enough to understand what is causing the problem. You must then act! On a daily basis, I find people contacting me with the belief that if they can understand their problem, it will resolve itself. That does not happen. Resolution of the situation takes action.

Will your marriage be saved? If you follow my suggestions, you have infinitely more opportunities for saving your marriage than if you do nothing. Marriage is one of those places where it takes two to make it work but only one to really mess things up. You can only do your part, but many times, that is enough. Resolve not to ask the question but to begin to act.

Are you ready to take action? My friend and partner Lee H. Baucom, PhD., has been helping married couples for more than 20 years. He has one of the best resources that will get your marriage back up and running. Grab his best-selling resource for saving marriages: Save The Marriage, Even If Only You Want It! You can find it at How to Save My Marriage.


Final Words:

How to save your marriage can be both intimidating and daunting but very possible. If you went into this marriage with an aim for the long run, then you should stop at nothing to save it.

You see, in anything in life, as long as you are dedicated and fully committed to the cause, the impossible is nothing. Being in a marriage is not an easy task.

This is because two different hearts are trying to reside in a single bubble. Let us be honest: it’s a long shot, and it can only be achieved if both or any of the hearts are willing to listen and take things both ways. Other than that, it is never easy. Only persistency and perseverance will lead you to a long-term happy marriage.

If you went with spell casting or the traditional method, as long as you are dedicated to this marriage, there is no reason why you will not save it. Best of luck, and keep me updated!

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How To Save Your Marriage

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