My Man Is Seeing Someone Else

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The man I want is seeing someone else.

What can I do about it?

Whether he is a new interest or an ex you haven’t gotten over yet, the plain fact is that you want to be with him, but someone else is coming between you.

Ethically, spells should never be used to harm or influence someone against their will, so using them to do so is verging on the side of a darker kind of magic.

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However, without affecting your karma, it is possible to open up the lines of connection between you both, open up his eyes to the relationship he is in so that he will be able to see whether it is right for him or not, and then leave it to the universe to sort out.

That way, if the two of them are not destined to be together, they will split up, and if the two of you are soul mates, the spell will help him find his way to you. But if they are meant to be together, this spell will not work, and you will be better off addressing your feelings.

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Important Facts Of Performing This Spell:

Best to use: On the night of a full moon.
How often: It is only necessary to do this once. Fate may be trying to tell you something if it doesn’t work.


You will need to cast this spell:

  • Almond oil
  • 3 white candles in holders
  • A brown, a blue, and a green ribbon


Procedures of casting the spell

At full moon, set three white candles on an altar. Place one candle to represent him in the middle, one for the other woman on his left, and one for you on his right.

Tie a brown ribbon around his candle, a blue one around hers, and a green one around yours. Rub each candle with almond oil from the base to the wick while visualizing the person and
saying their name. Tie the ends of the brown ribbon to one end of the green and the blue. Then say:

He to me, he to she
She wants him, let him see
Open his eyes, open his heart
If it is to be, let them part
Then he to me shall lovingly turn

As these magic candles burn
And love shall. flower between he and me
So be it, if it is meant to be.


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Now untie the ribbon ends, giving him “free will” to choose, and sit quietly in contemplation before lighting the candles and allowing them to burn down to stumps.

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