How to break up a Relationship

For the heartbroken, left lonely, or cheated, this is how to break a relationship

[See a powerful bonus ritual at the end.]

This is one of the top questions when someone you love or love is in a relationship. You ask yourself, how can I break them up so I can get my partner back or have a feeling of relief?


Sometimes, due to anger, others want their ex to break up with anyone they try to fall in love with. This is mostly when they cannot move on after a breakup and wish that if they can’t have them, no one should.

This brings up a constant question of how to break up a relationship.

Breaking up from someone you shared love, quality time, and many other memories is hard to maintain. It requires a lot of self-belief and a very good mental ability to move on.

But before you go to the extent of the break-up ritual. Have you tried some of these effective ways?

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In many instances, a breakup will result in psychological and physical torture. Break-ups can impact our bodies, such as broken heart syndrome, stress that results in acne, loss of appetite, and, in some cases, sore muscles, and many other effects.

With such effects, many would not maintain breakup situations, and when they find out that their ex is in a relationship, it gets even worse.


They will look for ways to break up a relationship to relieve this pain. Nothing is worse than knowing that someone else has the love, fun, and care that belonged to you. You feel cheated and want to do something to calm you down.


How to break up a relationship can be helpful in cases like:

  1. You would want to try and get your lover back. Breaking them up first will make things easier.
  2. You probably don’t want them back, but you also feel they don’t deserve any relationship. So, you decide to get revenge to see them lonely as they made you.
  3. You have a partner who cheats like they’re on steroids. This how-to break up a relationship will help you get him/her to quit sharing your love with someone.

But to do this, you need to know how to break up a relationship, and below is a very effective and powerful ritual that you will perform to get very good results.

This ritual is for those who wish to break up a relationship or marriage by causing extreme chaos in the victim’s relationship. This will bring about the most chaotic vibrations in their household of Hell. For Hell is exactly what you will be bringing them.

This will bring each of them to a boiling point where they would be tempted almost to kill one another. This ritual is not for those who want to break up a couple. For that, you can use one of my other less harmful spells.

This is for someone you hate with a passion… someone you wish to see suffer intensely, resulting in a broken heart and mind for them. A total collapse of their little white picket fence dream. An end to their happy little world of love and harmony. If you have the evil seed, this spell is for you to cast.

Break up a Relationship. Items you will need:

The Spell procedure:

First, you will want to anoint the candles with the Cursing oil while thinking of all the chaos this ritual will cause. Visualize the victim’s mental hell they will be going through in your mind and visualize them fighting with words of extreme hate and violence. Visualize them finally splitting up and divorcing if they are married. Visualize this divorce being bitter to the end!

Step 1:

Place the picture of the victim to be on the block of wood. With the red marker, draw a red heart on the forehead and on the chest of the victim in the picture.

Anoint the hammer and the nails with cursing incense. Take your hammer and drive the nail into the heart drawn on the head of the victim in the picture. While doing so, say the following words…

“With this nail, I stab your heart soon your love so near will part.”

Take your hammer and drive the nail into the heart drawn on the victim’s chest in the picture. While doing so, say the following words…

“With this nail, I stab your mind insanity you now shall find.”

Step 2:

Place the black candles on four points around the picture of the victim. Place them North, South, East, and West. During all this, you should be facing East.

Light all four candles and meditate on the ritual once again. Allow the candle’s black wax to drip down onto the picture. Thus symbolizing him being surrounded by darkness, negativity, and chaos. Then, when you are ready, recite the following words with the utmost sincerity…

“Lords of Darkness,
Lords of Night bring this hex now to flight.
take this man I see before me now speed up his karma, bring him down.
take his marriage and break it apart bring it chaos and hate, now to start.
tear their love to shreds so fine what was is gone, now is the time.
no longer shall they be together his close nit family shall now be severed.
when together they start to smother each doest want to kill the other.
no longer shall ye be as one your marriage is over what’s done is done!
Lords of Darkness, Lords of Night
bring this hex now to flight.”
So it be!

Remember that the word his may be changed to her and so forth.

When you are done, extinguish the candles and leave everything set up as it is, and you may repeat the second part of the spell for three nights, starting with lighting the candles, meditating, and reciting the incantation.

At the end of three nights, you may want to leave everything set up for a while to keep that vibration out there to do its work.

Then, when you feel it is time… you may dispose of everything. If you are like me, you will even make throwing it in the trash a ritual. What I mean is I will think of throwing it into the trash as symbolizing the victim’s life of happiness, going to the trash to be gone forever!


Bonus Break-up Spell: [Extemely Powerful and Effective]

This is a pure witchcraft ritual, and all that has done it perfectly has been very effective. However, in most cases, the people involved in this relationship become hard-core enemies due to its effectiveness. So, attempt it with that in mind.

This spell is intended to cause enmity between two who currently love each other or are closely attached. There may be a desire to break up a marriage, a romantic attachment, a business partnership, or a friendship.

Boil a black hen’s egg in your urine. Feed half the egg to a dog, the
other than a cat,


“As these two hate one another, so may hatred fall
between [Name] and [Name].”

When you are done, do not wash that night. Some would spend 3 nights without washing to add more effectiveness.


Final words:

Like any other spell where you have to have a positive attitude and with an exact intent, the how to break up a relationship is not an exception. If you follow the above simple steps, there is no way you will not get results.

The only reason you might not get results is when an external force is behind your relationship’s fall. These could be dark forces or other types of evil mostly orchestrated by jealous people or the one currently with your lover.

If you are in such a situation, I suggest you seek spiritual reading to understand what is causing your relationship. If you are interested in getting more information on spiritual reading, contact me directly on WhatsApp [ +27731758390] or email:

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