15 Tips for a Happy Marriage

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Happy Marriage Tips Revealed!

A happy marriage is every couple’s dream. Additionally, there is no one who enters a marriage with expectations of an unhappy relationship. Furthermore, Marriage can be hard work, but there are many things you can do to enhance the odds of success. The little things matter. Small gestures and habits lead to success.



happy marriage

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Find tips to keep a happy marriage :


1. Commitments must be Kept.  Commit to whatever you promised. It can be as simple as taking out the trash, do dishes, take out the trash, or getting home at the time you promised.


2. Don’t dig into the past. Going back into the past will re-open old wounds than helping in any way. The past should be left in the past.


3. Avoid interrupting your partner. Listen more and talk less, give your partner enough time to talk and wait for your turn.


4. Show gratitude. Keep track of what your partner has done for you personally and for a happy marriage in general. You could keep a diary to list what your partner does that makes you feel grateful. This can be as little as her smile or his jokes that make you laugh. Such a simple act of finding positive characters in your partner will change your attitude.


5. Have fun together. Make it habit of spending time together doing things that you both find enjoyable.  There is no better ways of understanding your partner than being closer while sharing good times. Get together and come up with a list of activities that you both enjoy.


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happy marriage


6. Avoid keeping score. You both have ups and downs. Do not expect things to exactly 50-50, things have a way of getting better with time. Keeping score results in resentment.


7. Don’t hold onto small matters. Most divorce is often caused by little disagreements. Therefore, if you can find your way of agreeing on the big stuff, you will find the little stuff less of a distraction.


8. Allow your partner some privacy. Try not to snoop unnecessarily. For any relationship to work, there must be a high degree of trust. Avoid snooping in your partner’s emails, social media accounts, and leave the phone alone. When you dig for dirt, you might find dirt.


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9. Address behaviors. Relationship with attacking your spouse can never survive. It’s more effective and respectful to kindly request that your partner put her dirty dishes in the sink than to ask her why she’s such a slob. Addressing the behavior and avoiding personal attacks is a remedy for a happy marriage.




10. Have a planned date-night. Within a month, plan to get out of the house and go on a real date. Taking turns to make plans makes a marriage fresh and can surprise each other.


11. Be respectful in public. Like in any other area of life, being rude or insulting your spouse is never acceptable. This can be far more damaging when done in front of others. If you feel you must be negative, give it time, and wait until you’re back home.


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12. Always find ways how to strengthen the relationship. It’s very challenging and nearly impossible to change someone else. However, there is a possibility to change yourself.


13. Focus on the positive. Most relationship experts believe that divorce is commonly a result of a decrease in positive characteristics, rather than an increase in negative events. Always celebrate when good things happen.


14. For each criticism give it 5 compliments. Research from social scientists believes five compliments for each criticism can undo the damage. Therefore, always be positive.


15. Understand that your spouse isn’t responsible for your happiness. Most find that their level of happiness eventually returns to the pre-marriage level. There’s much more to happiness than being married.


happy marriage


In Conclusion:

A successful happy marriage is a combination of valuing and respecting each other on a daily basis. Nurturing your marriage is like tending to a garden. Therefore it’s necessary to remove the weeds but do so with a wide smile on your face. Make your marriage a priority. Your marriage and your spouse deserves much attention and it is in your hands to provide it.

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Tips for a Happy Marriage

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