How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

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2 Effective Methods how to get my ex-boyfriend back


For all the years I have been helping people get back their lovers, losing a boyfriend is one of the saddening things I always have to deal with.

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Love is so great but so unfair when you see it leaving you before your eyes. In many cases, losing your boyfriend begins as an unimaginable thing. When reality sinks in, you start playing back every moment that led you to lose him.

Many people, especially those in new love, think that nothing can go wrong once they are in love. Perhaps they are right because that’s what he will always tell you.


Baby, honey, nothing will ever get between us…

I will do anything to keep you happy…

..and many other sweetening phrases.


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When you are in a new relationship, you are vulnerable and do not have control over this. But if you have been a victim of this vulnerability, you will probably do your due diligence before entering a new relationship.

Let’s talk about your situation; you ask yourself how to get my ex-boyfriend back…

First and foremost, if this has just happened to you, you will be very angry in many cases. Angry inside and outside. I have engaged many ladies in this situation who are unable to eat, have lost sleep, and all they do is cry their eyes red.

A study by HealthLine showed that many breakups develop into depression

Getting angry is a quick and cheap way to express emotions, but can be hazardous to your health.  I am not saying this in the sense of blaming you, but I am trying to be realistic from the health point of view.

I understand your situation, but what can be done differently now?

Here is what I have always advised many of my audience;

First, you need to find yourself and ensure that you are conscious of every solution you are taking to get back your boyfriend. Doing this will prevent you from falling into other traps that complicate your situation.

He is probably angry at this stage, depending on what triggered the separation. Now you get a picture of the two once in deep love, and they are both boiling with rage.


If you want to take advantage of the situation, you have to be the smartest and avoid being angry at this stage.


I agree that this is not easy! The past should be playing in your mind as if it’s happening in real time. You are looking at how much you loved each other, all the sweet things he whispered in your ears. The good times you had, walking with hands glued to each other.

The great time you had in bed where he made you feel out of this world. I can imagine all of this playing in your minds like a romance Netflix series.

Regardless, you need to play it cool if the question is how to get my boyfriend back.

Here is what should be spent time on rather than shedding tears.


#1 First, try the basics before you go overboard for solutions

Your strategy must be very specific if you are lucky and still in close contact with him. A lot of times, at this stage, many would overdo it.

They will try to stalk him on social media and massaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook. If you send him WhatsApp messaging like crazy, you are ruining all the chances.

This basic messaging solution can be very effective, but you need a strategy to execute it effectively.  I recommend investing a small amount in a program to get a real working messaging strategy from the expert who has helped tens of thousands get their ex-boyfriend back.

My very old friend and partner, Michael Fiore, has one of the most effective messaging strategies that almost all my audience who try it succeed. Michael has been tweaking and mastering this solution for years, and it will be almost impossible for any ex-boyfriend to keep a deaf ear from you.


When I recommend a program like the above, I don’t intend to derail you in getting your lover back because it involves money and time. How will it help you by storming him with messages that will make him angrier and block you?

This is where the idea of developing a conscious mind and keeping yourself sane comes in.

It would be best if you were in control of yourself, but above all, you must know your messaging strategy.

If you have already ruined this advantage if you have already over-stormed him with very poor messages due to anger and emotions, standby for another solution to help bring the situation back.

#2: Be focused on the solution with advanced tools

The question in your mind is still how to get my ex-boyfriend back. You have probably unknowingly messed up by stalking and overburdening him with emails and text messages. He probably blocked you or completely ignored you no matter how you tried.

Another method I see many ladies use is going through their ex-boyfriend’s family or friends. This strategy works, but you must know how to deal with these third parties. The reason is that not all were happy that you were in this relationship.

You might land on someone so happy that you separated, and using such a person will be more poison to the entire process.

Therefore, you need to have a tested and trusted way of approaching these third parties to get things to loosen.

One thing for sure is that, in times like these, you need a solution that will not make things worse than it is. If you can find a solution that has worked for many, then you should grab it with urgency and implement it immediately.

You cannot afford to waste time and let him get ideas. Ideas like getting someone else. At this stage, he is probably confused and also vulnerable. Getting someone else would be on his top list if he doesn’t find anything that will keep you in his mind.

I always see some so-called relationship experts advising me to keep silent as a solution. This is further than the truth. If you stay silent, he will find someone else. He cannot be single for long, but if you use the best methods to keep him in check, he will hold on. The truth is that any man who walks away from his woman, nine out of ten, is lying. That’s a fact!

My friend and partner Brad Browning have a tested and successful proven solution that will address all of the above scenarios, such as how to contact your ex-boyfriend using his family and friends and make a huge difference.

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Brad Browning’s solution on how to get my ex-boyfriend back goes beyond that; it gives you secrets that will trigger him to come back begging!

You will find golden working affecting ideas of how to completely forget the past relationship, which was toxic anyway, and focus on a brand new and exciting relationship.

I should emphasize that the solutions I recommend are those I truly and honestly know work.

I understand these solutions cost a bit of money. If your relationship means the world to you, how much would you pay to get it back?  I agree that there are free advice and probably solutions mostly on the Internet, and that’s a good thing, especially if you have financial difficulties.


However, free stuff will never have the same effect as commercials, especially when you purchase from a reputable source. Brad’s Ex-back guide is probably the best solution to give you results backed with a sounding guarantee and top-of-the-range support.

Assuming you have spent some money on Jason’s solution, it may not have taken effect. You still cannot live without your ex-boyfriend. You are still thinking about how always to get my ex-boyfriend back.

If you are one of my lovely subscribers, you will probably wonder when I will talk about love spells. Worry no more; here is the love spell’s part. I strategically made this part to be the last, and here is why:

You see, when you lose your lover, as I said somewhere above, you get in a situation that will lead your loving spiritual energy level too low. To make you understand spiritual energies, these are the inner and invisible elements or building blocks that make the relationships.

Additionally, love and spiritual energies are the causes of relationship challenges. When one party’s or partner’s spiritual energies decrease for any reason, you begin to notice many negative changes in that person. When this happens, and if the other party doesn’t try getting a solution to get these spiritual energy levels back to normal, instead begins to complain and get angry harshly, a relationship will be affected deeply.

Unfortunately, due to religious conditioning, the spiritual energy topic does not normally come into most people’s taste as it is religiously regarded as non-existing when you approach it in a non-religious manner. I do not intend to discuss religion, but I intend to give you experiences I have gathered over the years.

When you are desperate and want to get my ex-boyfriend back, I suggest you take on solutions without being emotionally attached to anything.

As long as a solution will give your love back without harming you or your ex-boyfriend, I cannot see why you shouldn’t take it.

This leads to my spell solution, which works on getting your ex-boyfriend back. There is no doubt that over the years, I have published a ton of different love spells. These free spells have worked for tens of thousands of people with broken hearts, and I always feel at peace reading all the reviews, emails, and text messages from people who have finally got their ex-boyfriends back.

Free spells work, but I want to be honest that most of my free spells have not worked for others. This is not because they are ineffective but because they are free, and people tend to take them lightly and ignore most of the processes and steps involved.

In this post, however, I will not be giving you a free spell. Instead, I will provide a paid spell to help you regain your ex-boyfriend. For the first time, I have removed the curtains of my altar to show you how I cast successful love spells for my paid clients.

You will discover all the secrets I have not revealed anywhere in my free spells. Because when I publish free love spells, I only use the guidance method. However, when you get this paid spell, you follow my exact step-by-step blueprint of love spell casting that will resolve your question of how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

I have also noticed that when people purchase a spell, they focus on executing it more perfectly than the free spells. I have seen so many of my followers jumping from one spell to another without paying much attention to the spell manifestation duration.

Just because they have many free options, this normally ends in no results for most, hence putting this powerful get-back ex spell that will bring back your ex begging for your love.

You probably wonder how much this was never revealed before the spell-casting process and procedure cost. Relax, this is more than affordable. It won’t cost half of the amount that my paid clients pay.

If getting back your ex-boyfriend is your top life priority, then the solution cost shouldn’t be any close to your failure to get a solution, right?

I do not intend to profit from these spells; I plan to see people happy and in love. However, your small fee to purchase this spell will keep you motivated and stick to the bigger idea. Additionally, this small fee covers running costs such as domain hosting and emails, etc.


Final Words:

How to get my ex-boyfriend back is the question of how smart you prepare yourself. You might go through a lot of challenges in the course of getting your lover back. However, the journey is worth the trip if you are motivated and wholeheartedly in love with your boyfriend.

Love is not like a bulb switch that you switch on or off. I completely understand your pain, so I am providing different solutions where you can pick one that will heal your pain.

I wish you all the best, and as always, keep me posted. I would love to celebrate with you when you finally get him back begging!


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How To Get your Ex-Boyfriend Back

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