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16 free powerful working money spells that you can do yourself

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I have been in the spell casting profession for almost 2 decades and I have done tons of spells.  All the years I decided to focus on spells about relationships as it’s what I felt was right for me, personally.

During all this time, I have been bombarded with thousands of requests from my audience to cast money spells. Like I mentioned, due to my past experience I always wanted to see people in a good relationship. I am passionate about people being in love but after carefully analyzing most of the relationships that I helped fix, I found out that Love without money in most cases doesn’t really cut it.

I have decided in my very busy calendar, to spend some time to share and give guidance in money spell casting. Like any other spell, money spell casting is not any different. You have to follow the best practices in spell casting. If you are a beginner, here is a very thorough guide for spell casting beginners

Or if you are confused with your life at the moment, maybe you need a manifestation to clear up your mind and soul

Now, let us talk about these powerful money spells.

Money spells should not be mistaken for anything like get rich quickly. These spells are used in conjunction with positive and clear intent in money matters. Let me explain;

Here is the hard truth about these free money spells that works:

  1. Money spells will achieve you anything if you don’t have any source of income. Meaning that you cannot expect to cast a money spell and miraculously discover money under your bed or receive a bank statement with millions if you don’t have some kind of money source however small it could be.
  1. You will not achieve any results if you think that you will cast these money spells and get back to your couch with your TV remote expecting money to flow into your bank account. (you need to be doing some work in your source of income)
  2. If you expect to perform these money spells and just keep in your blankets, snoozing expecting to wake up and surprise yourself with a pack of money under your pillow, you are at the wrong website. (Free money spells that works will help you if you are willing to help yourself)
  3. Money spell is not for those skeptical about the world of the spells. If you are negative and have a strong negative belief about spell casting or the magic world in general.  You will be wasting your time casting these spells.
  4. Some of these spells require some kind of materials or ingredients. The ingredients I recommend should not be substituted. I get many people asking if they should use something different. I publish these spells after a number of testing and ensuring that these money spells are working with the recommended ingredients.
    If you can’t afford or find these ingredients, then I am sorry to say that I cannot help you.

What the money spells is all about:

We all go through this journey in the world with different and mixed expectations about life. Meaning, all we do in life is partly predictable and unpredictable. We try things, some work and some don’t but for those that don’t, we still keep going. Most importantly, the winners always will keep trying.

Money is without a question very very important in all aspects of life. Now, if you can find a way that can help you accumulate money, who wouldn’t take the advantage? That’s where free money spells that works come in.. but as I said above, these money spells are not a get rich quick, these are rituals that help you to open up, clear up, give way, cleanse the processes for you to accumulate money, and wealth if you like.

Enough of talks, let’s get down to the life-changing money spells, shall we?

Money Spell bath #1

This money spell bath is very important in cleansing your life path. It has the effect of attracting luck and success in business, and in money matters generally. We go through many things in our life journey and these involve good (positive) and bad (negative) energies. These negative energies could block you from achieving most of your goals including money.  Money spell bath would be a good start to your money spell’s journey.

Here are the procedures in performing this spell:

l. Fill a bucket with warm water to about 4/5 its full volume. This should preferably be on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

2. Then mix the following items, one after another, with the warm water in the bucket*:

3. The water in the bucket must be stirred very well to ensure that the ingredients for the bath mix properly.

4. Use the mixture in the bucket to have a bath. Do not use soap but simply rub the mixture on all parts of your naked body, from head to toe. DO NOT towel dry yourself but allow the mixture to remain on your body until it dries off its own accord.

Allow the mixture to remain on your body for at least six hours before washing it off. In view of this, you should perform the ritual, say, after you close from work on any of the specified days. The bath may be taken at any time.

5. After the bath, burn a mixture of the following:

While burning the above, allow the smoke to float over your naked body. Extend your hands and other parts of the body towards the smoke so that it drifts over your body. The mixture may be burned in a metal plate or thurible (censer).

You may smoke yourself in the stipulated manner as soon as you complete your bath.

6. Repeat the bath and the “smoking” as often as you wish. It should become evident, after a short while, that your finances had begun to improve much faster than you had expected.


Money Spell bath #2

The following is another powerful money spell bath that has the power to attract more money and general material prosperity into your life.

Please proceed in the following manner:

l. At any time and on any day you prefer, mix the following items in a bucket of warm water:

  • a small quantity of white, granulated sugar;
  • a small amount of white lead. White lead by the way looks quite like sugar and may be purchased from your occult-goods supplier.

A teaspoonful of the sugar plus another teaspoonful of white lead should be sufficient for the bath.

2. Stir the water carefully so that the ingredients mix properly. Make your wishes over the mixture.
3. Have your bath with the mixture, in the same way as has been described in the preceding ritual After the bath, allow the mixture to dry on your body. If the weather is cold, then do please turn the heater on to avoid getting pneumonia, etc.
4. After the mixture dries on your body, rub your entire body, from head to toe, with some olive oil (which can be purchased without a prescription at your local grocery shop).

5. After a duration of at least six hours, you may wash the olive oil and the mixture off your body, this time with soap and clean water.

6. Repeat the bath as often as you can. Sooner than you think possible, your financial circumstances should improve considerably.

Money Spell bath #3

The following money spell bath is reputed to bring the person who takes it success in all facets of human life. In other words, the person who takes this magickal bath becomes successful in financial matters, in matters of the heart, and so on.
It may be taken on any day and at sunrise. The procedure to follow is described immediately below:

l. Put some warm water into a bucket so that the water fills up about four-fifths of the total volume of the bucket. There is no need to measure the water to exactly 4/5 the volume of the bucket.
Please note that all that is required in this case is that the bucket should be nearly full of warm water.

2. Into the water in the bucket put any quantity of:

Stir the water until these items mix thoroughly.

3. Have a bath with the mixture in the usual way described in the preceding pages (that is, without soap) and allow the mixture to dry on your skin. However, leave a little of the mixture in the bucket. After the mixture has dried on your skin, put on your clothes (comb your hair; etc) and take the bucket (containing the remainder of the mixture) outdoors into the garden or elsewhere. Then throw the remainder of the mixture in the direction of the rising sun.

If the sun is not visible (say, due to bad weather) then simply throw the mixture towards the east – the direction the sun rises from. If you live upstairs in a high-rise apartment block then you may throw the mixture over the balcony if that is feasible and if the balcony faces the east. You may if necessary go downstairs and throw away the mixture as directed.


Money Spell #4

This spell should be cast on the evening of a New Moon. Find a flat surface or use your altar. Light a green candle, and place a bowl and a spoon on the surface before you. Mix a teaspoon of nutmeg and a teaspoon of cinnamon in the bowl.

As you mix the ingredients, think of an amount of money you would like to see in your bank account. (Be realistic with the amount and don’t go overboard, though, or you will “scatter the spell’s energy”.)
Continue to focus on that amount of money as you take three coins of low denomination and toss them repeatedly until you get one tail and two heads.

Place the coins and the powder together in an old wallet or purse and shake it up as you chant:

“Attraction powder
let it be…
send me all the luck I need.”

Place the purse in the same place as you keep all your financial documents.


Money Spell #5:  Make a Money Bottle

This spell has its roots in voodoo and was originally called for Spanish gold or silver coins! Adapted for the 21st century, it still retains its power to draw money to you. The ingredients call for five of various things: ‘5’ like all numbers from ‘1’ to ‘9’ has its own significance. Its sign is Gemini, so if this spell is cast when that sign rules, it will be all the more powerful. It is associated with freedom and risk-taking, change, quick thinking, youth, and communication. All the good ingredients of successful business-minded people.

What you will need to cast this money bottle spell:


Put all the ingredients in the bottle. (As ‘5’ is associated with the color turquoise, a bottle of that color would add potency to the spell.) Ensure that the top is secure before giving the bottle a good shake for five minutes and saying such words as:

Copper gleam. Silver shine.
I ask you please to make wealth mine.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Put the money bottle on the table where you leave your wallet and lose change when you empty your pockets, or, if you make your magic unknown to others, then you can bury the money bottle near your home.


Alfalfa Money Spell #6

This is very simple, basic but it can be very powerful and effective.

What you need:

Alfalfa leaves

Chant your financial desires over alfalfa. Burn it and scatter the ashes around your property.


the spell is done..simple, isn’t it? I have actually received a number of people saying they got huge success with the simple spell.. people like simplest…I wish life was that simple!


Money Spells #7: Green-and-Gold Money Spell

How to Prepare:

  • A square piece of green cloth (about 6 by 6 inches, preferably silk, cotton, or polyester).
  • Green glitter and gold sequins
  • A 7-inch long string of green yarn
  • Three shiny and somewhat new pennies

Take the square of green cloth and lay it out flat before you. Place the three pennies in the middle and concentrate on the amount of money you desire.  Don’t be too greedy, though! be realistic with the amount you visualize. As you think of the amount of cash you need, sprinkle a couple of teaspoons worth of the green glitter and gold sequins. (These represent money and fortune.)

Write your own chant or blessing to say as you do this. Gather all four corners of the cloth inward so that it
forms a small pouch around the coins. Grasp the corners of the cloth together and wrap the green yarn around it,
tying it shut tightly. Keep this wherever you normally put your money, or inside a purse.


Money Spell #8  to Attract Cash

This draws on the power of the element of air to bring you some extra cash within a week and a day.

What you will need before you consider this spell:

Some kind of a job or business that you are running. It does not matter the kind of business. You could even be running an online business or a physical shop or an office front. If you don’t have anything you are doing for a living, then this will not be a spell for you. Here are some business ideas that you can start online and use this spell to scale and attract cash.

Materials required:

  • A square of green cloth
  • Allspice
  • Borage
  • Lavender
  • Saffron (which is expensive so use it sparingly)
  • Three silver coins (if you have old silver threepenny pieces commonly put in Christmas puddings, so much the better)
  • Gold thread
  • Silver thread

Breathe on each of the silver coins, in turn, saying something along the lines of:

Spirit of Air, to you I pray,
Send some money down my way.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Now put the coins and the spices in the bag. Tie four knots in the gold thread and four in the silver and use the knotted threads to tie the bag. Put the bag in a safe place – preferably a cool, dark one – and leave it there for eight days. If by then some extra money has not winged its way in your direction then cast the spell again… like all spells it may take some time to weave its magic.


Money Spells #9: To Help Pay Debts

In life, you will definitely get into some sort of debt. When things get worse and you cant find yourself honoring your debts, this simple spell can rescue you.

Take the key to a strongbox (Moneybox or safe), if you don’t have one, find a piggyback tie a small thread around it for a day or two, and go to a country crossroads at midnight during the full moon. Lay the key or the thread in the middle of the crossroads and walk in a circle around it three times to the left and three times to the right,


“Forces around me take pity on my foolishness and grant
me a second chance to unlock my future and unburden

Take the key or the thread home and put it on your key chain or on your wallet or money purse.


Animal Magic Wealth Spell

The Animal Allies of wealth and financial fortune include the frog, toad, snake, dragon, cat, rat, rabbit, and fish. Surround yourself with their images to generate cash flow and financial inspiration.

You see, making money or accumulating wealth is not for those who are afraid of trying new things. New things as long as they are not life-threatening or cause harm to the surrounding. These animals should NOT be hunted for their physicality, but these money spells use these animal images in form of pictures or models or statues.

What you need for these animal spells to take effect is a job or business. It doesn’t matter what kind of business. If you don’t have a business, start an online business it’s very easy to set up with a minimal budget. Once it’s set up, then use these spells to make a huge effect in no time.

In fact, some of my audience have surprised people and themselves with fast success (I am not implying that you will be an overnight Millionaire). I am also not suggesting that you start an online business and you don’t do work after casting these spells. I want to be very clear: Free money spells that works will help to clear up the life path that could be blocked with negative energies.

Animal Money Spell #10

An example of these money spells can be seen with Chinese magic tradition features special animal amulets. These are typically small statues of specific animals, usually seated upon a vast bed of coins. These amulets serve to generate good fortune and preserve what already exists.

The most famous is the three-legged toad, depicted seated upon a hoard of coins. Money toads suitable for magic have a slightly open mouth so that a Chinese replica coin may be inserted.

The most famous is the three-legged toad, depicted seated upon a hoard of coins. Money toads suitable for magic have a slightly open mouth so that a Chinese replica coin may be inserted.

How this spell should be performed:

  1. The money toad should not be placed on the floor but kept at approximately a coffee-table height.
  2. Slip his “magic coin” into his mouth and face him discreetly toward the door.
  3. Periodically he will need a rest: remove the coin from his mouth and face the toad away from the door so that he can recuperate and regenerate.
  4. Obviously, you don’t want to keep your finances unprotected: more than one toad may be used simultaneously, place them in various areas always facing the entrance. Rotate the toads so that at least one is always on duty.


Animal Money Spell #11 Golden Spider

The golden money spider weaves a web of riches. As the old saying “If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider stay alive,” reminds us, killing a spider is considered detrimental to one’s own good fortune.

  1. Draw a picture of the spider hidden in its labyrinthine web on red
    paper with gold ink.
  2. Place the picture in a corner with a saucer underneath it.
  3. Toss a few coins onto the saucer and make an invocation (Say your Money wishes). Express your
    needs to the spider.
  4. Once a week or whenever the spider comes through for you, toss a few
    more coins onto the plate.


Basic Money spells #12 Botanicals Candle

Basil Spells:

Basil is the botanical particularly associated with prosperity and increase. It’s used to magically increase fertility and romance and especially to attract and increase wealth. The plant is sacred to very prominent Spirits of Wealth.

Basil Spell for Bath

The scent of basil on the skin allegedly draws financial opportunity toward the wearer. Once upon a time, prostitutes in some European countries bathed in basil and rubbed their bodies with the fragrance to attract free-spending customers.
The custom may be emulated regardless of one’s profession. Take this bath just before venturing out in pursuit of any financial opportunity. Because basil smells so inviting, this is not a difficult spell to enjoy.

  1. Roughly chop most of a large bunch of basil, in order to release the volatile oils, but leave some leaves whole, especially those that most remind you of cash bills.
  2. Pour boiling water over the basil and let it steep.
  3. When it cools, add the liquid to your bath. Float the whole leaves in the water so that you can visualize yourself swimming in cash.
  4. Let the water drain and allow yourself to air-dry.
  5. Do not dispose of the used basil leaves (don’t throw out the cash!) but either leave them in the tub until your transactions are complete or remove them, place them in a bag, and reserve until an opportune moment for disposal arises.


Bayberry Money Spell #13

This is a very simple and easy spell to perform:

  1. Anoint a small piece of silver with infused oil of barberry.
  2. Hold it in your left hand to charge it with your desire.
  3. Carry it with you during the day.
  4. Place it on your forehead over the Third Eye area for thirty minutes every day. Feed with a drop of bayberry oil weekly.


Buckeye Money  Spell #14

Buckeyes are traditionally used as money-generating charms. The most famous involved drilling a hole into a buckeye, then filling it with mercury and sealing it.  However,  mercury is very toxic—that spell offers plenty of opportunity for self-injury. Instead, try this safer but no less magically effective alternative.

  1. Make a paste from magnetic sand, Money Drawing Powder, Fast Luck Oil, and essential oil of bergamot.
  2. Rub it on the buckeye.
  3. Wrap the buckeye in either a new or used cash bill, rolling it toward you.
  4. Tie it with red thread, making knots and visualizing.
  5. Rub the remainder of the paste onto two small green candles.
  6. Place these candles side by side on a dish covered with Money Drawing Powder.
  7. Place the buckeye between the candles.
  8. Light the candles. When they have burned all the way down, your charm has been activated.

Make a Buckeye Charm Spell

Carry a buckeye in a conjure bag (a small bag you can sew yourself ) with two large-denomination coins, and anoint with money-drawing oils periodically.

Candle Money Spell # 15 Basil and Bergamot Money Drawing

  1. Write the precise sum that you require on a square of brown paper.
  2. Carve (write) your name, identifying information, and the sum onto a green candle.
  3. Dress the candle with essential oils of basil and bergamot.
  4. Place the candle over the paper.
  5. Burn the candle for increments of fifteen minutes daily until the specified amount has accumulated.

Again, this free money spell that works requires that you have a source of income of some sort. A job or a business. You will not get any results if you have no source of income.


Candle Money Spell #16  Fast Cash

This spell is ideal for those with businesses that are already set and making money but looking to scale their cash flow or looking to skyrocket their sales

For fast double financial action, this spell requires a black and green double-action candle.

  1. Carve whatever you wish to lose on the black side (debt, poverty, shopping cart Abandoning, etc).
  2. Write what you need to manifest on the green side. In both cases, be as specific as possible.
  3. Trim the bottom of the candle if necessary, exposing the wick so that both ends may be lit simultaneously.
  4. Impale the candle horizontally on a spiked candlestick and burn both ends.

While the candle burns visualize good times when your manifest is achieved and you can keep chanting all the negative wishes you want to lose with this spell.


Final words:

Now, that’s a lot of spells to choose from!.. I am glad I got to share these spells.  Just to reiterate, these spells are tested by myself over the years and I can confirm that they simply are effective. However, effectiveness is associated with a couple of elements. The most important aspect is that you need to have belief.

If you are skeptical I am sorry to give you the bad news and if you have already attempted any of the Money spells and you don’t see results, your skepticism is playing a major role in the result.

Secondary, with these money spells, you have to have a source of income however small it is. Money spells will not just throw money in your bank account if you don’t have anything going in terms of the income source.

I will not tell you what you probably will want to hear or what some self-proclaimed spells gurus promise you. I publish these spells at my will and with the intent to at least helping one or two people to achieve their financial wishes.

Finally, you need to carefully follow the basic instructions. The spells will not give you results if you choose to substitute prescribed materials with your own choice.

Otherwise, I wish you all the best and if you may, please share your experience with the audience for motivation as well as learning.

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Carlos Mukuru

Dr. Carlos is the founder of Herbal Healer. Carlos focuses on helping individuals reach their personal and relationship goals while working to make the world a lovely place, one love at a time. He has over 15 years of experience in the Relationship Development space, using many different modalities and spiritual techniques to help break through old belief patterns and focusing on making the relationship as fun as possible to break through any negativity or seriousness.

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