How to cast spells that really work

Discover Practice On How To Cast Spells That Really Work:

Spells are the fun part of what we call Witchcraft, simple gestures, uttered words seemingly illogical actions, frowned upon by the scientific mind, nevertheless, make strange and wonderful things happen for the person who casts them.

The casting of spells is based upon the arcane belief that speaks to a desire is to cause the desire to be fulfilled.

When it comes to spells casting, there is always a chance of first-time success if the desire is strong enough, though it usually takes some time and practice to achieve results. Spells draw out magic power within you and focus it dynamically to shape your future.

Get involved with the spells, focus on the details. In that way, you will turn it in a simple, unemotional act, into a genuine spell of power and force.

In order to get positive results in spells that really work, cast spells to obtain one desire at a time. If you go after a whole string of desires, the magical powers will be spread thinly over all of them and will take longer. Better to achieve one at a time in order of importance.

If you find yourself being constantly interrupted while you casting the spell, you should know that occult forces are the cause. Probably you should attempt other means of getting what you seek, (take a look at another spell), or reconsider your actions.

This guide on how to cast spells that really work can be used to help you create spells for every occasion.

It lists all the materials, tools, and stages that may be included in a spell but you will not need to use every item every time – some you will only use for formal rituals.

Preparation to cast spells that really work:

Choose the subject matter of your spell, bearing in mind the Threefold Law, which states where magical intent – and, many believe, actions and thoughts – return to the sender with three times the intensity

Note down the purpose of the spell and the order in which you intend to work. Decide whether it will be divided into phases, such as invoking the four elements, raising and releasing the power, or merge into one.

Plan what you are going to say and write it down. (You may of course let the words come to you spontaneously.)

Choose the time for your spell. Check the following influences:

The seasons

The equinoxes

The phase of the Moon

The day of the week

The hour

Check any time limits (for example, ‘May this spell hold sway until the Moon has ebbed away’) and ensure that you can adhere to them.

To cast spells that really work, you need to choose the right place to cast your spell. If you are working out of doors, and it is a spell that will last over several days, bear in mind any possible changes in the weather. Make sure you have enough room for the circle you intend to cast. Set up your altar in advance, if you can.

Ensure the following is checked and in order:

  • Choose candles for the altar
  • Mark the quadrants of the circle, and represent people.
  • Check that they are the right color.
  • Choose elemental candles.
  • Inscribe your candles,
  • Anoint your candles,
  • Choose your associated symbols that will act as a focus for the spell,
  • Choose your elemental tools,
  • Choose your herbs. Decide if you are going to empower them before or during the ceremony and write down the words if necessary. Make any sachets or poppets or dolls you intend to use.
  • Choose your oils,
  • Choose your incenses,
  • Choose your crystals,
  • Choose your ritual substances,
  • Consecrate the ritual substances,
  • The Spell Casting Ceremony:
  • Cast your circle,
  • Invoke the elements and angels,
  • Focus on the symbol of the spell and declare your intentions.
  • Endow the symbol with magical energies, chanting if appropriate.
  • Raise the power to absorb energy from the cosmos, creating a cone of power.
  • Release the power, sending it out into the cosmos.
  • Close the energies down. Uncast the circle.
  • Ground the energies.

After the Ceremony:

Dispose of materials – some may need to be left out in the light of the Moon, or buried or thrown to the winds; others may be kept, wrapped in silk, or sent to the person for whom the spell is intended.
Blow out all the candles, unless they are to be left to burn down. If this is the case, make sure there is no risk of fire.
Cleanse and recharge your tools.

You have successfully cast a powerful spell and there is no reason why you cannot get the results perceived if you perfectly followed the above steps.  Share your experience and let us and others know.

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