How can I get him to call me

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How do you get him to call you?

So, you have this person that you love to the moon and he tells you the same, sometimes.

But something is not adding up, he has not called for longer than usual.

Maybe you had some misunderstandings, and he or you left angry. Once you settle your boiling brain, you get back to reality and you miss him.

You desperately want to know how he is. You probably use one or more social media messaging apps to communicate with him. But wait! He blocked you!.. You begin to panic.

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You try calling him, and he is not picking up. You leave voice messages and wait, but no callback.


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There is nothing worse than sitting by the phone waiting for him to call. You can sit there for hours, not really able to concentrate on anything else. Then it suddenly rings, you pounce to pick it up and find that it’s one of the non-stop talking friends.

She goes on to tell how she had a good time with her boyfriend Tom. You are not interested.  You ask her to call back again later.

Another call comes in, and it’s only your great-aunt, Nicky. Agh..

When it comes to communication, men can be frustrating creatures. Generally, they don’t have the need to make contact like we girls do, so they can’t understand why we need to hear from them so often.

However, here’s a way to save yourself some waiting time. Try this spell, and he’ll be dialing your number before he even knows it.



Important Facts while you prepare to cast a spell to make him call you

Best to use: Whenever you need him to call you, but all the better on a Wednesday.

How often: As often as you need.


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You will need the following when casting the spell:

  • Your favorite incense stick and an incense stick holder
  • A needle
  • A silver-colored candle
  • White cardboard
  • A pen

Now, let’s cast the spell and make him call you… shall we?

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Sit quietly and light your favorite incense. With a needle, carve an upward-pointing arrow into the wax of a silver candle. Then write your name and telephone number on some white cardboard. Place the candle on top of the cardboard and light it. Now sit back and chant the following:

[Insert his name}, hear my will

I am in your heart

I am in your mind

I am in your thoughts

You need to call me

You want to call me

You will call me.

Repeat the chant nine times, then concentrate on his face in your mind for as long as possible. If you can manage 30 minutes of thinking about him, so much the better, as the power you generate through your will becomes much more concentrated over a longer period. Your thoughts should then reach him, and he will need to talk to you.

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You have just cast a spell that will help you get your man to call you. You need to be positive while you cast this spell. Your spiritual energies should be as positive as possible. I encourage you to read through the guide to best practices for casting a successful spell.

He will call if you have followed the instructions carefully and performed the spell to your best. You might need to wait up to 3 days; the waiting period depends on how vital your spiritual energies were during the casting.

If he does not call in 3days, then this would mean there is more than just not communicating, and if you can confirm that he is not in any possible big trouble that cannot allow him to communicate, then you might have lost him.

You will urgently need to do something different. You can start by getting a spiritual reading to determine what caused this painful circumstance.  You may find a trusted local or online spiritual reader to guide you in finding the actual cause.

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