How To Make Him Commit

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What can I do to make him commit?

So you’ve been with your guy for ages and are convinced it’s a match made in heaven. You want him to commit to you for good; however, he seems oblivious to your desires.

You feel that you’ve waited long enough, so maybe it’s time to speed things along with a little magical persuasion.

Use this spell, and you’ll soon be walking up the aisle.

I will walk you through simple steps to perform a spell to get him committed.

But before we go to the steps, let’s first see what is needed to perfect this commitment spell.

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Many people seek the mystical and magical to secure a future filled with love, commitment, and unwavering devotion regarding matters of the heart.

The concept of casting a commitment spell has intrigued individuals for centuries. This comprehensive guide delves deep into the world of commitment spells, exploring their history, significance, and how to use them to strengthen your bond with a loved one.

The Origin of Commitment Spells

Commitment spells have a rich and storied history that dates back to ancient civilizations. Those seeking solidifying romantic relationships, marriages, and partnerships often practiced these spells.

From ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, commitment spells ensured that love and devotion remained steadfast.

Understanding the Essence of Commitment Spells

Commitment spells, in essence, are rituals performed to deepen the emotional connection between two people. They are not meant to manipulate or control anyone’s feelings but to enhance the existing bond.

These spells can be a beautiful way to express your dedication to your partner and create a stronger foundation for your relationship.


The Elements of a Commitment Spell

To perform a commitment spell effectively, it’s crucial to understand the essential elements involved. Let’s break them down:

1. Intention:

The first step in casting a commitment spell is setting a clear and positive intention. What do you hope to achieve with this spell? Ensure that your intentions are pure and aligned with the principles of love and devotion.

2. Timing:

The timing of your spell can be crucial. Some people prefer to perform commitment spells during significant celestial events, such as a full moon, as they believe it enhances the spell’s power. Others may choose a special date that holds personal significance to them and their partner.

Checklist for casting a spell to make him commit

What’s needed when casting this spell:

Now, let’s cast this spell to get him to commit


Procedures to cast a spell to make him commit:

Sitting under the full moon’s light, take a garter and sew all those symbolic wedding decorations, including a ring, onto it. Spread them around the garter’s circumference so that they are equidistant to each other. When you have finished, sprinkle the charm with rose water and say:

Moon goddess,

queen of heaven A wedded woman I would be.

Bless this charm I make tonight.

May this magic garter charm my love

Lend your power unto the spell That he soon asks to marry me.

Enchant it with your holy light.

Within a yea?’ a bride I’ll be,

May my deepest wish be granted And it harms none,

so shall it be!

Kiss the garter three times and leave it somewhere it can soak up the power of the moon’s energies overnight.

At dawn the next morning, retrieve the garter and, if possible, wrap it in a piece of clothing your beloved will wear in the next day or so (but remember to remove it before he does). We don’t want to make any mistakes; we only want to make him commit.

Alternatively, leave the charm where its power will be felt, such as under the bed or behind furniture. But wherever it is placed, the important thing is that your man doesn’t find it; not only will the spell be dissipated, but you will also have a lot of explaining to do.


Final words:

There you have it! If you follow those simple steps perfectly, you will make him commit, and you will soon walk that aisle, or before you do, he will first surprise you with an awesome proposal! Wow, I can see you smiling at this. Yes, it’s true, and you will marry the man you love.

I know you might be going through a lot; your family and friends might look at you as a failure, but you are close to proving them wrong!

If you cast this spell and don’t get results, then an external dark force might be blocking you from achieving this great moment or some dark force stopping your man from committing.

To find out if there is a dark force, you must find a trusted local or online spiritual reader to help you get all the unknown and reveal what’s keeping you from this happy moment.

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To your success!

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