How Can I Attract A SoulMate?

A soulmate is one with whom we feel a deep connection that cannot easily be explained. Many psychics and mediums see soul mates as people with whom we have shared many lifetimes, in various types of relationships.


Needless to say, then, we can have more than one soul mate alive on earth at any one time, and not all soul mates bring good energies with them. However, most of us feel the need to find a person we regard as “the one,” a person who will love us as deeply as we love them.

This spell is designed to bring that person into your life. Perform this spell a few days before the full moon, on either a Wednesday or a Friday. Set up a small altar and place everything you need for the spell on it. Light the two candles and incense.


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How To Cast A Soul Mate Spell?

Sit still for a few minutes and calm your mind. Sense a loving presence out there in the darkness, a presence you know, waiting to be called in. When the feeling is strong, place a lock of your hair, a photograph of yourself, a gold ring, and a vanilla pod into a deep pink velvet or silk pouch and say:

As a moth to night-scented bloom
Bee to flower’
As night follows day
Sun chases the moon
As minutes fill hour’
Hear my call
o love of my heart

Follow the light
That guides you here
It is the time and I am calling
It is the time and I am calling
I draw you in, I draw you in, I draw you in
I bring you home.


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When done with the above chants for attracting a Soulmate,

Wind the tie of the pouch around the neck of the pouch to close it. Then tie seven knots, saying as you do so:

One to call that he may hear
Two to bring his footsteps near’
Three to meet
And four’ to greet

Five for love’s sweet seeds to grow
Six, a lifetime of bliss to know
And the seventh shall seal it
It is so.

Hang the pouch above your bed and wherever your soul mate is, he shall soon be drawn to you.


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When should you perform the spell to attract a soul mate:

Best to use: As close to the full moon as possible and either on a Wednesday or a Friday.
How often: Once only-and you must have patience.


Material Needed to cast the Soulmate spell

  • 2 deep pink candles
  • A patchouli incense stick and an
  • incense stick holder
  • A lock of your hair
  • A small photograph of yourself
  • A gold ring
  • A vanilla pod
  • A deep pink velvet or silk pouch
    with a tie


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In conclusion:

To ensure that a soulmate attraction spell works you need your strength of will, but to concoct a spell of your own you also need some basic knowledge of the properties and energies of our magical “helpers.” For example, during which phase of
the moon should you perform a spell aimed at attracting a mate? What color candle should you use to bring happiness into your life?

Therefore, if you are not confident in casting the spell yourself, get in touch with the expert in spell casting Dr. Carlos Mukuru

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