Simple Love Attraction Spell

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How to make guys swarm around you like bees to honey

Simple attraction love spells to attract a bevy of beautiful young men; forget about bees and honey and instead become a spider, entrapping them, like flies, in your cunningly woven web of seduction. Then, of course, you’ll have the pick of several eligible prospects.




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Checklist for the simple attraction spell to make guys swim at you

Best to use: On a Friday evening during the waxing moon

(the time of Venus, goddess of love).

How often: You probably won’t need to use this more than once every six months.

Simple Materials Required to cast this spell

  1. A spool of red cotton thread
  2. A tape measure
  3. Beads
  4. 2 red candles
  5. A little red velvet
  6. Patchouli essential oil


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The procedure of making guys swim at you using a simple spell

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Let’s get this simple attraction spell done and have guys follow you like you were the last girl on earth…

Measure out a 9-foot (27 m) length of red cotton thread. Cut this and lay it to one side with some beads. Light two red candles and place them in front of you. Kneel in front of the candles and hold up your hands, palms facing forward in prayer.

Say :

Great goddesses of love and seduction- Venus, Hathor,, Aphrodite, Freya

grant power to my spell tonight.

Let my web attract men to be caught in its strands.

Fill my life with men who think/am the best they’ve ever seen.


Take the thread and, starting at the center, start to make the shape of a

spiral-clockwise-adding beads at regular intervals.

Say :

Each bead a fly

Each bead a man

I’ll capture them fast

While / can

All shall come

And none shall leave

Enchanted by this


This is my will

So mote it be

This is my will

So mote it be.


Once the web is finished, spend a few minutes strongly visualizing yourself in a social setting in the middle of an invisible web, surrounded by several men who are interested in you. Then, without dropping any of the beads, carefully wrap the thread in some red velvet, add a drop of patchouli essential oil, and carry it with you to the next party or put it in a place of safekeeping.

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Final Words:

Guys will start noticing you and being closer than ever before. All you need to do is select one your heart desires and start a happy relationship.

Of course, you must do your due diligence and ensure he is the right person. This spell is very effective, and if you use it for the right intent by following the exact steps, it doesn’t matter your looks, education, or status; the guys will swim at you. Go ahead and perform it; you will thank me later.


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