2 Free Powerful Love Spells To Keep Your Woman

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Powerful Love spell To Keep A Woman With You And Prevent Her From Ever Leaving You


This simple love spell, when performed in accordance with the simple instructions provided below, will enable you to keep your beloved woman – wife, girlfriend, et cetera – with you always.

You may quarrel and she may, consequently, even threaten to leave you, but pay no attention to her threats: for she can’t go anywhere, she can’t leave you! The details of the said powerful love spell are as follows:


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1  Go to a cemetery anytime, night or day

At the cemetery, choose one of the graves and proceed to dig underneath the headstone or atop the grave. Before you dig, though, say that you went to the cemetery and the particular grave in peace. Dig down to a depth of about six inches and collect some dirt from that depth* Place the dirt (i.e*, soil) into an envelope.

Place an odd number of coins 15 in the hole and cover the hole and coins before leaving for your home with the envelope containing the graveyard din.

2. At home

Cut a piece off an item of used clothing (preferably a dirty, unwashed one) belonging to the woman in question- Fetch a piece of lodestone and wrap it in the item of clothing (the cutting).

Then put the graveyard dirt, the cloth cutting, and the lodestone into a small wide-mouthed bottle or other containers with a stopper. Hold the bottle (with the named items in it) in your left hand, concentrate your thoughts on it for a while, and state your wishes over it.

In other words, say all that you want the woman in question to do for you – that you wish her to love you always, not to leave you for another man, to remain faithful to you, and so on.


3. Replace the stopper and go to bury the bottle in your garden.

Dig deep into the ground put the sealed bottle into the hole before covering it. All the foregoing must be done without the woman in question ever finding out what you are doing or have done in this wise.

If you do not have a garden then simply keep the bottle somewhere in the house which you share with the woman concerned. If you live apart, simply keep the bottle either buried in the ground near your home or among your possessions.

In the latter case especially, please be most careful – to ensure that the woman does not find the concealed bottle.

If the above spell is performed as described, you will be surprised how great your relationship will turn. I know most people are too scared of the cemetery.

It actually amuses me because, if you love your woman and you always say you can do anything for her. How would you not do this simple spell that actually has no side effects but only bring you happiness in your relationship?

By the way, if you are scared of the cemetery, I have news for you, that will be your permanent home one day, and it’s inevitable

Is the above not ideal for you but still looking for ways to get your relationship/marriage in order?

2. The Hair-And-Needles Love spell To Hold A Woman

This powerful love spell serves the same purpose as the immediately preceding spell. Please follow the details given below:


1. Find a way to pull a long strand of hair from the top of the woman’s head.

You can do this when she is asleep or when you are playfully running your hands through her hair. Be careful not to make her suspicious, though.

If you are unable to acquire the strand of hair by either of the suggested means then get a strand of hair stuck on her comb; this category of hair, however, is second-best and is ‘inferior’ to hair pulled directly from the hair roots, from the person’s bead.

2. Pour a small quantity of the cologne.

The cologne you usually use into an empty cologne bottle so that it is about half-full. Put the strand of hair into the cologne. Buy three small, new, needles and put them into the bottle as well.

The hair and the needles should be completely submerged in the cologne in the bottle. Hold the bottle in your left hand, concentrate your mind on the woman concerned for a while, and state your wishes. Then, stop up the bottle and put it away for several days.

3. Keep examining the bottle

Until you find that all or most of the cologne in it has been sucked up by the hair in it. When that happens, remove the hair and carefully sew it up in the pillow on which the woman sleeps. Alternatively, sew it up in her mattress.

If you share the same bed with the woman in question, then be sure to hide the hair in that pan of the mattress where the woman normally sleeps. Again, should you decided to hide it in her pillow then make certain that you can easily tell apart her pillow and yours.

Once the above steps have been followed carefully, your woman will be stuck on you for eternity. This powerful love spell is very effective but ensures you get a hair direct from her head, the one from a combo has not been so effective.

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In conclusion:

There you have 2 very easy but very powerful love spells that you can perform and keep your woman permanently. However, this does not give you a ticket to abuse her. You see, magickal uses spiritual elements and these elements are alive, watching and they can judge bad from the good. Therefore, ensure that you treat your woman with respect and dignity at all times.

I am very interested to know from you anyone who has performed these spells. Please share your experience.

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