8 Tips To Strengthen A Toxic Relationship

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Find the solutions to avoiding a toxic relationship

Toxic Relationship is not strange to relationships and actually a huge percentage of lovers are in some kind of a struggling relationship. Which may turn toxic at any time.


Many if not all relationships face challenges from time to time.

In fact, it is unreasonable to expect that any relationship will be all milk and honey or unicorns and rainbows 24/7.

toxic relationship


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Unfortunately, we don’t receive a lot of instruction on how to deal with challenges in relationships. It certainly wasn’t covered in high school.

But if you want to be in a relationship, it’s necessary to deal with disagreements and struggles that happen along the way. Hence mitigating a toxic relationship.

Certainly, no one ever said it was easy.


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These tips can heal a toxic relationship and feel closer to your partner again:

1. Return to the past. There was definitely a time when your relationship was great. Remember those times together when things were going well. Remind yourself of your first date. Remember your favorite trip you took together. Relive how things used to be. It can be so helpful to return to many of the same feelings from those times.


2. Identify the issue. Do you exactly know what is wrong? Are you feeling taken for granted? Neglected? Not appreciated? Did your partner lie to you? Did he/she cheat on you and you have some concrete evidence? Is there something you’re doing wrong that you probably unaware of?

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Be transparent and very clear with each other about what’s coming between you.

Identify the challenge to allow you to begin to find a solution.


3.Schedule time together. Unfortunately, we live in a generation full of financial responsibilities that we cannot ignore. This results in many relationships struggling due to not spending enough time together. Therefore, the simple solution is to schedule time together on a regular basis.

Try coming back early, turn off the TV, and get out of the house together. Play a board game. Additionally, go to see a movie. Take a walk in the park together. Consequently, this helps to re-energize the chemistry that would mitigate the toxic relationships.


4. Forgive. One of the most crucial issues in many relationships is the accumulation of resentments over a long period of time. If you can’t let go of the times you feel that you were wronged in some way, eventually, it becomes too much to bear. One of the most effective secrets to a lasting relationship is a strong ability to forgive quickly.


5. Take a trip. Plan a trip together. Ensure it’s a place that you’re both excited to visit. Build some new, positive memories together. Get away from your current home and routine, and you’ll find it’s easier to reconnect with each other. A trip is fun and bond-building. When you are away from the normal noise, you get enough time and space to reconnect.


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Toxic Relationship

6. Compromise. You can’t have everything your way. Relationships require a lot of compromises. In fact, the compromising never seems to end. Compromising is a skill, and it’s not always easy to learn.

Of course, we all have preferences, but they can’t be met all the time when you’re in a relationship. It’s one of the disadvantages of being in a relationship. Equally important, you must remember that a relationship is a combination of two different hearts. Getting these hearts to bond is a process that each heart must adhere to.


7. Avoid giving up too soon. Many people erroneously believe that a good relationship shouldn’t require work. This couldn’t be more wrong 99% of the time.

The early stages of relationships are often quite easy. Everyone is on their best behavior, and everything is so new. However, in a few months, reality sets in and things become harder. How hard are you willing to work to have a good relationship?  Consequently, that’s up to you depending on how much you need this relationship.


8. Get professional help. If all else fails, get help from a professional. This could be a relationship expert or a spiritual love expert. You wouldn’t rebuild the electric transmission in your car. Perhaps, you might not be able to fix you’re a toxic relationship on your own either.

Give an expert a chance before throwing in the towel. However, it can be uncomfortable, but many effective things are. So, be strong and positive.


Finally, if you have a relationship, you’re going to have challenging times. It’s not possible to feel close all of the time. There will be struggles to navigate.

Fortunately, most relationship issues can be overcome if both partners are committed and patient. Give your relationship the attention it needs to heal and thrive. Good relationships are an important part of a fulfilling life.


In the event that you have tried all of the above and you don’t see a difference, then you need to dig deeper. In many cases, the issue would be a spiritual one where the negative energy comes into play.


These energies could be a result of jealousy from close people or anyone that want to steal your partner that feels envy of your relationship. Alternatively, it could be an evil sent or done onto you that is ensuring you don’t enjoy your life. It’s almost impossible to have a full life without Love. Dr. Carlos Mukuru will be able to help you.


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