Is He Cheating On Me

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How do I know if he’s cheating on you?

Insecurity should play only a small and fairly insignificant part in any relationship. However, if the worry that your beloved is cheating is taking over your every thought, then that insecurity is a big problem. Maybe you are noticing little signs that have made you uneasy, or perhaps there has been a change in his attitude toward you.


Whatever the cause, the best solution is to tackle it and find out the truth. If you cannot get a direct answer from your man’s lips, try this candle ritual. However, you will also need to ask yourself a tough question: If the relationship is causing you this much pain, is it even worth carrying on with it? I will leave the up to you. All I will help you is to guide you to a ritual that will get you to know if he is cheating on you.


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Checklist of what you need to know in the ritual: Is he cheating on you

Best to use: On the night of a full moon.
How often: Do not overuse this spell. Once every six months, if necessary, is enough.


What will need to perform this ritual successfully:

  1. A white, a black candle
  2. A gray candle
  3. A photograph or a drawing of you’re beloved
  4. Cardamom essential oil


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Procedures in performing the ritual to find out if he’s cheating

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Set up a small altar where you can safely position a white, a black, and a gray candle. You need to be sure there are no drafts in the room. Pour a drop of cardamom essential oil onto a tissue and rub it into the white candle in an upward direction. As you do so, say:

Candle of white, you are true. If he is faithful, let it be you That burns the brightest but stays until last
to show his love shall hold fast.


Now rub the oil into the black candle, saying:

Candle of black, you are true. If he is a cheat, let it be you
That burns the brightest and longest shall be
to show him faithless unto me.

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Finally, rub the oil into the gray candle, saying:

Candle of gray, you are true. If there is no straight answer, let it be you
That burns the brightest and longest to show
Other problems ‘in this relationship grow.

Place all three candles on the altar with your beloved’s picture behind and light them all as quickly as possible. Let the candles burn down, and the one that burns the longest will give you your answer.

Final Words:

This ritual would seem abstract but it has worked for many people by revealing what seems to be a very deep question in the relationship. Is he cheating on your ritual can be very handy especially if he seems to be hiding something? If he has changed, he is not coming home on time than usual without a valid explanation. This could be a significant highlight.

Another alert is if he is very insecure with his phone. If he had no security access and now it’s on and he doesn’t allow you access at all, this could be a sign of his hidden acts.

Whereas this ritual has helped many find out about their partners cheating, it might not give you exact answers and you might look for other ways including a spiritual reading that I strongly recommend if you have some doubt with your partner.


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