5 Money Spells That Work

5 Simple Money Spell That Works Instantly

The following magickal spells are very simple to perform and are known to contain the power to attract more money into your possession. They do help persons engaged in business to attract more customers than they currently do and to make larger profits.


Here is the hard truth about these free money spells that work:

Money spells will achieve you anything if you don’t have any source of income. Meaning that you cannot expect to cast a money spell and miraculously discover money under your bed or receive a bank statement with millions if you don’t have some kind of money source however small it could be.





These 5 money spells that work are described below and you can perform them as stipulated below:

Money Spell Number 1:

  1. This spell should be performed before twelve noon in the morning of any Wednesday.
  1. It is particularly useful for persons who own and/or run small businesses(shops, etc) where customers go personally to make purchases.
  2. You require the following items: one-half a cup of granulated sugar (preferably white in color), one tablespoonful of allspice, and a little quantity of saltpeter (potassium nitrate),
  1. Mix the said items in a scrubbing bucket, etc, with some amount of clean water. As you mix the items together, state your wishes as many times as you
  1. Stand outside the door through which customers normally enter the shop premises. Scrub the floor of the entrance of this door. Scrub from the outside inwards (i.e. into the shop premises). If there is a carpet at the entrance of the door you may either left it and scrub the floor or you can sprinkle some of the water on the carpet. If customers enter the shop premises through more than one door then you should scrub the entrances of all the doors concerned.
  1. As often as you can you must, in addition, scrub, or sprinkle the mixture on, the entrance to your home after making your wishes.


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Money Spell Number 2:

This spell is similar to the preceding spell except that the items to be used are cinnamon, ammonia, and sugar.

The procedure is identical to the above one. That is, mix one-half a cup of sugar with a small quantity of cinnamon and about one pint of ammonia (aqueous/liquid ammonia) plus some water for scrubbing the entrance f the main door through which customers enter the shop premises. As mentioned in the preceding spell, you must make your wishes before you scrub the floor or sprinkle the mixture at the entrance of the door in question.

Furthermore, you should frequently prepare some of the mixtures and, after making your wishes in the usual way, sprinkle it at the entrance to your home or scrub the entrance with it.

It draws more and more customers into your shop and, after they had been into your shop once, they will keep coming back to the shop to purchase their requirements. The spell will, furthermore, attract more money and material prosperity to you as well as other occupants of your home.

Money Spell Number 3: A Spell Bath For Success

This magickal bath has the effect of attracting luck and success in business, and in money matters generally, towards the person who takes it. Proceed n the following manner:

  1. Fill a bucket with warm water to about 4/5 its full volume. This should be on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.
  1. Then mix the following items, one after another, with the warm water in the bucket*:

(a) one tablespoonful of ground powdered sulfur;

(b) a small amount of saltpeter (about one tablespoonful);

(c) one tablespoonful of white, granulated sugar;

(d) one teaspoonful of (ground or powdered)nutmeg;

(e) one teaspoonful of Business Luck Oil.

  1. The water in the bucket must be stirred very well to ensure that the ingredients for the bath mix properly.
  1. Use the mixture in the bucket to have a bath. Do not use soap but simply rub the mixture on all parts of your naked body, from head to toe. Do not towel dry yourself but allow the mixture to remain on your body until it dries off its own accord. Allow the mixture to remain on your body for at least six hours before washing it off. In view of this, you should perform the spell, say, after you close from work on any of the specified days. The bath may be taken at any ume.
  1. After the bath, burn a mixture of bluestone, nutmeg, sulfur (all in-ground or powdered form), and granulated white sugar and allow the smoke to float over your naked body. Extend your hands and other parts of the body towards the smoke so that it drifts over your body. The mixture may be burned in a metal plate or thurible (censer). You may “smoke yourself” in the stipulated manner as soon as you complete your bath.
  1. Repeat the bath and the “smoking” as often as you wish. It should become evident, after a short while, that your finances had begun to improve much faster than you had expected.

* Please note that some of the above-named items may be obtained from many of your local stores or online stores


Money Spell Number 4: A Bath Spell

The following is another powerful magickal bath that has the power to attract more money and general material prosperity into your life. Please proceed in the following manner:

  1. At any time and on any day you prefer, mix the following items in a bucket of warm water:

(a) a small quantity of white, granulated sugar;

(b) a small amount of white lead. White lead by the way looks quite like sugar and may be purchased from your occult-goods supplier. A teaspoonful f the sugar plus another teaspoonful of white leads should be sufficient for the bath.

  1. Stir the water carefully so that the ingredients mix properly. Make your wishes over the mixture.
  1. Have your bath with the mixture, in the same way as has been described in the preceding spell. After the bath, allow the mixture to dry on your body. If the weather is cold, then do please turn the heater on to avoid getting pneumonia, etc.
  1. After the mixture dries on your body, rub your entire body, from head to toe, with some olive oil (which can be purchased without a prescription at your local chemist’s).
  2. After a duration of at least six hours, you may wash the olive oil and the mixture off your body, this time with soap and clean water.
  3. Repeat the bath as often as you can. Sooner than you think possible, your financial circumstances should improve considerably.

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Money Spell Number 5.’ A Success Bring Bath

The following magickal bath is reputed to bring the person who takes it success in all facets of human life. In other words, the person who takes this magickal bath becomes successful in financial matters, in matters of the heart, and so on.

It may be taken on any day and at sunrise. The procedure to follow is described immediately below:

  1. Put some warm water into a bucket so that the water fills up about four-fifths of the total volume of the bucket. There is no need to measure the water to exactly 4/5 the volume of the bucket. Please note that all that is required in this case is that the bucket should be nearly full of warm water.
  1. Into the water in the bucket put any quantity of sea salt and some oil of geranium. Stir the water until these items mix thoroughly.
  1. Have a bath with the mixture in the usual way described in the preceding pages (that is, without soap) and allow the mixture to dry on your skin. However, leave a little of the mixture in the bucket. After the mixture has dried on your skin, put on your clothes (comb your hair; etc) and take the bucket (containing the remainder of the mixture) outdoors into the garden or elsewhere. Then throw the remainder of the mixture in the direction of the rising sun. If the sun is not visible (say, due to bad weather) then simply throw the mixture towards the east – the direction the sun rises from. If you live upstairs in a high-rise apartment block then you may throw the mixture over the balcony if that is feasible and if the balcony faces the east. You may, if necessary, go downstairs and throw away the mixture as directed.

In Conclusion:

There you have the most simple money spells that work and which you can perform yourself. These spells should be done with a great positive mind. You need to be in a moment by visualizing all those things that you want to achieve with your financial independence. One caution however is that this money spells that work will not help you if you don’t have some kind of a money source that you are running. These Money spells will not just surprise you with a ton of money under your bed one morning or strange cash magically in your wallet. You have to be having something that will attract these money spells to work for you. Let others know what your experience was after performing any of these spells by commenting below.

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