Free Love Spells for Specific Person

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Here are the 5 free love spells for a specific person.

A lot of people think that love and relationships are all about finding the right person. But the truth is, it’s only partially about finding the right person. The other part is about being the right person. And a big part of being the right person is having the right attitude, which includes giving your partner what they need emotionally. That’s why I’m a big proponent of what I call “love portions.”

There are at times when love doesn’t make sense anymore. Your partner seems so distant, things aren’t the same, or at least how they should be.

You used to spend quality time together and do things as partners who love each other. But you now struggle to make a 3 sentence conversation!

A love spell, designed to manifest love with a specific person
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The one who used to not only be a lover but a friend no longer pays any attention to anything to do with you.

You are afraid to even begin a conversation around the topic because you don’t know what to expect.

So many emotions are running through your mind, you think maybe if you start a conversation about this, your partner might explode and be the end of your relationship.

Thoughts after thoughts, you try searching for help and you probably try a simple love spell but with no result.

If you are in this situation, I have very good news for you! I have put together 5 extreme love spells that can turn around your relationship. These spells are so powerful and delicate at the same time.

5 Extremely Powerful free love spells for a specific person

They are extremely effective because the materials involved are super special.

You see, love is so special, and when it happens it’s next to impossible to erase it. So many people have been left alone in misery due to many circumstances. However, they still have their lost lovers at heart and that will be for eternity.

Therefore, when you see the love you had begin to deteriorate in front of your own eyes and you don’t do anything, you will regret it for the whole of your life. Even if you decide to move on and get someone else, I can assure you that past love will always prevail and will always be in your mind no matter good the new lover is.

It’s with such concern that I have been practicing these extremely powerful love rituals for years with massive results.

So, I decided to share it with the world so people can secure, keep and protect their love.

My mission is and has always been to see as many in real love as possible.

The following are the 5 extreme free Love spells for a person you love

#1 Extreme Spell using a turtle dove

A turtle dove, representing a love spell for a specific person
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  1. Catch a turtle dove at dawn.
  2. Dry it in an oven for several hours. It will crumble to powder
  3. Mix this with wine and a few drops of your blood and add to the wine of the one you love.

    If your lover is not a wine drinker, use any other drink that they enjoy such as soda, tea, or coffee.

The spell is done!

I am sure some of you would be concerned about drying the turtle dove. I can tell you if you are thinking or having concerns such as this, then love is not for you. Love or relationship is not for the faint-hearted. If only you knew what people would do to make love work, this wouldn’t be a concern.

If you are unable to find a turtle dove or scared of getting one, I do perform such rituals on your behalf for a fee. If you are interested in details, please get in touch with me.

#2 Extreme Spell using a green frog

A green frog, representing a love spell for a specific person
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Place a green frog, living, in an anthill. Return in three days and you will find only a skeleton remaining. Dry and powder it and mix it with the batโ€™s blood and dried flies. Shape the paste obtained into small balls and introduce them into the food of the one you wish to chant.

This is a very powerful ritual and should only be done if you are clear that you want to love this person permanently. Otherwise, you will be stuck with this person for eternity.

If you are unable to perform this very powerful ritual, I can help! Get in touch with me now!

#3 Extreme Spell using a wax and toad’s blood

Make a figure of wax, and fashion it in the shape of him you love, mixing with the wax toadโ€™s blood and your blood and saliva. Bury the image beneath a place where the beloved will surely pass and he will suffer great torments if he does not return your love.

If you are unable to perform this very powerful ritual, I can help! Get in touch with me now!

#4 Extreme Spell using a pigeon

Take the heart of a fat pigeon that was caught at sunrise. Steep it in wine with some of your blood, the eye of a little green frog, and the stinger of a bee. Add some sugar and spices, and stain it. Put some into your lover’s favorite drink.

This is an extremely powerful ritual and you should attempt it with much caution. Also, you MUST ensure that you truly want to be with your lover permanently.

If you feel uncomfortable attempting to perform this ritual, reach out to me and I will help. Get in touch with me now!

#5 Extreme Spell to get your lover back

A spell for getting your ex back, a love spell for a specific person.
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To regain all over who has left you, mix the dragonโ€™s blood, Sulphur, quicksilver, and saltpeter, and throw it into a blazing fire, repeating his name all the time while you throw the mixture in the fire. As these things burn, so will his heart burn for love of you.

Your lover will get restless and if they can’t contact you on the phone or any other way, and they know where you live, they will just show up.

If performing this ritual makes you uncomfortable but you desperately need your lover back, Get in touch with me now!

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A love spell jar with candles, crystals, and a photo of a specific person for attracting true love

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