Protection for My Family

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Restore Peace in an Unhappy Home: A Spell for Harmony and Love, Ensuring Protection for My Family


It is impossible to overstate how important it is for my family to live in peace, joy, and safety. Each member of the family can grow and prosper in a peaceful and loving home.

Unfortunately, tension and unfavorable feelings can occasionally upset the equilibrium in our homes. This step-by-step manual offers a potent spell that can calm an unsatisfactory household and improve relationships between family members.

Testimonial #1

Susan: “After performing this spell, the tension in our home dissipated. We’re communicating better, and it feels like a weight has been lifted. I can’t believe how much it has improved our family dynamic. We now feel more protected and connected than ever before.”

Real-Life Success Stories #1

Sarah, a single mother of two, struggled with constant arguing between her children. After performing the spell, she noticed a significant decrease in conflicts and a newfound sense of understanding between her children. They started helping each other with chores and homework, making their home a peaceful and supportive space.


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Tools needed for the spell to Protection for My Family

Each tool used in this spell has a specific purpose and plays a vital role in restoring harmony:

  1. Black candle: to destroy negativity and cleanse the home.
  2. Green candles: To represent each family member and their connection to each other.
  3. Yellow-green candle: to banish anger, jealousy, and discord.
  4. Light blue candle: To promote peace and understanding.
  5. Deity candles (Gold): to invoke divine guidance and blessings (e.g., white and black or gold and silver).
  6. Incense (frankincense): To purify the atmosphere and facilitate meditation.
  7. Votive candle (white): to symbolize a new beginning and the resolution of problems.


Where to find these tools:

You can buy any of the above from any store near you but i have found it very convinient, cheaper and easy to buy them online. This is abosolutely you choice to make. Here is where i normally buy these materials:


Candles of all colours cheaper to purchase in packs

Method: preparing for the spell

To begin the spell, arrange the candles and incense in a quiet space where you can focus.

Light the candles and incense for the deity, and then take a few minutes to think about your goal of bringing your family peace and safety.

Next, light the astral candles, representing each family member, and place them approximately 13 inches apart. As you light each candle, say, “This candle represents [Name]. As it burns, so burns his/her spirit.”

Addressing the problems

On a piece of paper, write down the issues causing discord in your home. Discuss these problems with your family members and encourage open communication. Light the votive candle, visualizing the start of a new day and a turn for the better. Then, light the yellow-green candle, saying:

“Here burns away all negative emotions from [Name] and [Name],

leaving only love and happiness.”


Affirmation for Peace and Love

Recite the following affirmation to set the intention for a peaceful and loving home:

“Our home is filled with peace and love; tranquility surrounds us from above. Happiness burns brightly, casting out the night, Darkness flees, leaving only light. Understanding and love grow stronger As discord and chaos no longer belong. Patience and love now prosper and bloom, filling our home and chasing out the gloom. Our home is peace; peace is our home.”


Meditate for 3-5 minutes, focusing on the restoration of harmony within your home.

Eliminating Negativity and Promoting Understanding

  • Hold up the paper containing the problems and burn it in the votive candle, visualizing the issues vanishing. Move the astral candles closer together.
  • Light the black candle, repeat the affirmation, and meditate for 3-5 minutes on the problems being resolved.
  •  Then, light the light blue candle, repeat the affirmation once more, and meditate for another 3-5 minutes on the new peaceful state of your home.
  • Finally, move the astralI cannot believe candles even closer together.

Celebrating the Restoration of Peace

After completing the spell, hug and kiss your family members, rejoicing in the newfound peace and love in your home. Extinguish the candles and hold on to the feeling of happiness and protection for your family.



Testimonial #2

David: “I was skeptical about trying this spell, but the results have been truly amazing. My family and I have experienced a complete transformation in our home environment. We’ve overcome past issues and are now focused on creating a positive, harmonious life together.”


Real-Life Success Stories #2

Mark and his wife, Emily, were on the verge of separation due to unresolved issues and constant disagreements. They decided to give the spell a try as a last resort. Surprisingly, the spell helped them open up about their problems and work together to find solutions. Their home is now filled with love, understanding, and protection for their family, and they have grown closer than ever before.



Restoring peace and ensuring protection for your family is essential to creating a harmonious living environment. The spell outlined in this guide is a powerful tool that can help transform an unhappy home into a sanctuary filled with love, understanding, and happiness. By focusing on the intention of creating a peaceful home and actively addressing the issues within, you can strengthen the bonds between family members and provide a safe, nurturing space for everyone to thrive.



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