Spell For Peaceful Relationship

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Spell for a peaceful relationship and protect your relationship with energies of peaceful harmony and light. Here is a spell to banish discord and feel love renewed within your home.

You will need:

  1. A wooden stick or Palo Santo
  2. A white or pink candle
  3. Small pieces of white paper (write your name on one and the name of your beloved on the other)
  4. 1 Small white ribbon
  5. A wooden/ plastic tray or altar

Perform this spell when the moon is waxing, preferably the last three nights up to or including the full moon. The moon in the sign of Taurus will add extra strength and vibrancy to your long-term relationship energies. You may perform the spell for a peaceful relationship during any moon sign other than Taurus; just be aware it may require more focus and concentration.

As you set your ingredients on your tray or altar, envision what harmony and peace mean. This may look like a cease in anger, projection, or conflict. It may look like tranquillity or a connection between you and your partner. Sometimes, even a beautiful landscape symbolizes the deepening of intimacy and peace.


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Instructions to follow in performing the Spell For Peaceful Relationship

  • Hold whatever arises for you in your mind and heart.
  • Light your candle, and then your sage sticks from your candle.
  • Smudge your body, ingredients, and altar from left to right.
  • Turn your altar so that it faces east.

Call in the Quarters, starting with the East, to build your sacred ritual circle.

Recite the following words:

I call in Energy of the East and guidance of the Air Element for protection and strength.

Turn clockwise as you call the energies of Love and Peace toward you and recite again:

I call in the Energy of the South and Fire Element for protection and strength.

  • Repeat clockwise for the Energy of the West and Water and finally for the North and Earth.
  • Turn clockwise one last time and face your altar.
  • Turn the papers with both names so the names face each other.


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Fold them together three times. Recite these words aloud:

My will is that my partner and I thrive in an environment of peace and unity.

May our connection and intimacy grow as strong as vines from the deep Earth,
wholly intertwined, while old grudges and arguments fall away with the wind.

I reawaken the fire of love running solidly beneath us and reaffirm our commitment.
I call in harmony with my beloved and bring our bond into the light.
So mote it be.

Wrap your papers with the white ribbon and tie if possible.

Thank the elements for their guidance and protection, and declare your sacred circle closed.
Place your ribbon-wrapped names beneath the bed you and your partner share on a night you will both be sleeping there.

You may find your dream of love, tranquil landscapes, and the face of your beloved.

Repeat as needed to strengthen your relationship and bring harmony into your home.

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