Love Spell for Beginners

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A Free Guide: Love Spell for Beginners

Love spells for beginners: casting should not be so complicated and not necessarily involve expensive equipment or materials. The real success in spellcasting comes from within.

As a beginner, once you understand how spiritual energy works with the world of spell casting, you will have a great deal of tapping into inner powers.

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There are mainly two ways to cast a love spell for beginners.

The first one is to use an existing and tested spell, such as the ones I regularly publish on my website.  With these spells, you use them straight off the bat to solve your pain.

The only thing to remember with these spells is to ensure you follow the instructions and use the same materials as indicated. In some instances, you may substitute materials if you really can’t find the recommended ones.

Additionally, incantations and chants should be followed, but you can also reword it to suit your own spellcast needs. As in life, in spell casting or magic, nothing is carved in stone.


The second way is to create your spell from scratch. This is only recommended for experienced spell casters or casting practitioners.  Normally, this is in circumstances where there is no suitable existing spell for the pain that needs to be solved. Then, to cast a love spell for beginners, you are left with no alternative other than to make a new spell.

With this way of making your spell, the first thing to do is to research the magic correspondences and establish a suitable time to cast the spell, as well as the colors, herbs, oil, crystal, and other ingredients. The more power of the spell depends on the more magical correspondences.


Once the correspondence has been clearly established, the next step is to write a suitable incantation that clarifies the need or desire. You may also include invocations if you wish; this will bless the spell more.

You may choose to use simple words, or if you want, you can use poetry. Advice from one of the most experienced Wiccan ladies, Gwendolyn Thompson, states that “to bind the spell every time, let the spell be spake [spoken] in rhyme.

What to say when casting love spells for beginners

Many beginners feel embarrassed and disappointed at their attempts at creating rhyming incantations, resulting in something probably more than poetry. They actually need not be. As long as there is a clear intent to cast the spell, that is all that matters. No one expects you to be a poet laureate!


The last thing to take into consideration is to work out the appropriate time to cast the spell.


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When should I cast a love spell?

The day of the week may be as important as the phases of the moon. Here, the position of the planets may need consideration, as may the ruling astrological sign.


Once all these things are done and ingredients or materials have been gathered, it is time to relax in a scented warming bath, put on your selected ritual clothes, and begin to cast.


One of the most frequently asked questions about making spells is,

How long does it take for a love spell for beginners to work?

There is no definite answer to this.

Spellcasters are different; individual strengths, as well as weaknesses, will influence the results of casting a spell. One spellcaster would get the result in a day or two, and another caster might take a week or more.

However, when a known and tested spell is cast following instructions precisely, during the favorable phase of the moon, and timely in a planetary hour, all correspondences are planned carefully, and with good intentions and strong visualization skills, a spell result may be achieved almost immediately.

Experienced spell casters believe that the average time it takes for a spell to give results is two weeks. There is no doubt that some spells can take longer. I have personally witnessed a spell that took a year and a day to achieve results.

Additionally, some spells may have to be cast more than once before getting results.


Like most things in life, practice makes perfect, and don’t forget that patience is as important.


Will the love spell cast work every time it is cast?

Most beginners in spell casting often wonder if a spell can work every time. The short answer is no!

The reason for this is due to many factors that influence the success of a spell, as explained above. A slight imbalance will affect the results of spell casting. Also, if the spell caster’s concentration wanders, if spiritual energy levels are below normal, and if there is a dark force in your life path, then there is a slight chance that your spell might not work.


It is recommended that spell-cast beginners try different spells until they find the formula that gives the best result. With perseverance, they will find that one day everything will come together and be successful in spell casting.

Most spellcasters, especially those casting love spells for beginners, find that spells they cast for their achievements or for the good of someone they are closely involved with work better and faster than others.

The reason for this is probably that such spells concern issues to which the spell caster feels strongly attached, and he or she is probably more focused and has more spiritual energy when casting spells.


Is spellcasting bad for my religion?

Some would-be spell casters are somewhat concerned that spells are contradictory to

Christian belief. They can be reassured that this is not the case. In fact, spells and the Christian faith have several things in common.  Recommended prayers are, in fact, incantations. The cross could be considered to be an amulet or charm.

Additionally, many of the saints respected by Christians were pagan in origin.

And many Christian festivals have their roots in pagan festivities. In the Middle Ages, when witch-hunting was common, many Christians worked spells in the name of Jesus and wore talismans to protect them from evil.

And the miracles worked by Jesus could be interpreted as spells. So, any doubts about spell casting being anti-Christian can be dismissed.


Another worry is that once cast, a spell cannot be reversed. This is not so. Most, if not all, spells can be reversed if the right technique is used. One of these is to repeat the spell in reverse fashion, saying any incantations backward.

Another method is to cast a spell breaker, which can also be used to reverse the magic of others, although this requires much more energy than reversing one’s spells. It’s very easy for those casting love spells for beginners.


Can a love spell for beginners be reversed?

Another concern is that once a spell is cast, it cannot be reversed. This is also not true. Almost all spells can be reversed if one uses the right technique.

One of the common techniques is to repeat the spell in reverse. Saying the chants backward.

Another effective method is to cast a spell breaker, which is mostly used to reverse the spells of others. However, this technique requires more energy than reversing your spells.


Another common spellbreaker is using candle spells. This works very effectively when the moon is waning. Once the spell reverse has been cast, light suitable colored altar candles and burn appropriate incense.

Now anoint a seven-knob purple candle. For this purpose, use special oil for anointing candles. These oils include chili pepper, cyclamen, geranium, juniper, and mimosa oils, as well as the more exotic flying devil oil, jinx removing oil, spell-breaker oil, and any other specially prepared concoctions.


After anointing the candles, light them while focusing on the flame, and say any of the following chants:

If you are reversing the spell that someone else cast towards you, say:

Mystic powers of wax and flame

Let this spell be now reversed.

Remove its power from my path and let its sender, know so first.

If it is one of your spells that you wish to reverse, say:

The spell I cast be broken,

Let it weaken by the hour.

May things return to what they were,

Before I worked my power.

And it harm none, so be it.


The old saying that the only way to bring a spell to an end is to cast another spell is not necessarily true. Few spells cast are permanent. Most have to be recast regularly to maintain their magic power, and if this is not done, then the spell’s effects will gradually wear off. May your magic-making be successful, and as it harms none, so be it.


There is also a myth that the only way to stop the spell is to cast another spell, which is not actually true.

Few spells are permanent unless you lock them with a protection spell on top of them.

Example: You cast a spell to bring back your ex. When your ex gets back, you can cast protection or a binding spell to supplement the initial spell.

May your magic-making be successful and does no harm to none, so be it!

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