Love Magick

What is Love Magick?

Why Love Magick?.. Love may be the most powerful of all the mysterious forces in the universe. For, at the end and beginning of each day, it is often those we love we think of.

Love in your life — whether as a significant other, good friend, pet, relative, or even a brand-new acquaintance you’ve bonded with — can make even the worst days possible.

However, love is hard to control, and anyone who’s experienced love has also experienced negative emotions related to it as well. We thirst for it like water, yet it can cause pain as acute as being broken open.

The mystic, magick nature of love makes our world go round. Weddings, the ultimate celebrations of love, are often the most memorable, magical days of our lives, whether our wedding or that of a loved one.

Falling in love is one of the most powerful feelings you can experience, leaving you feeling like you’re floating in air.

Love Magic

Conversely, losing love can be one the hardest times we can endure, but it can also cause monumental shifts for good. Moments of transition between finding love can be where you grow more than any other.

And then, you find yourself thinking of love again, wondering how to find it, imagining it’s found you, and waiting impatiently for your next sweetheart to walk through the door (or slide onto your screen).

In the following articles on love magick, I’ve compiled the best potions, spells, charms, and other forms of magic that can help you with all these aspects of love.

So, make it a point to keep following and reading the articles following this one. Love spells have been around as long as the printed word (probably longer), and some traditional spells will be included in the coming articles.

However, most of the spells in this tome contain modern ingredients and incantations, so that you can do them relatively easily with minimal ingredients.  Whether you want to find “the one” or make your pets love each other, get rid of a bad date, or set yourself free from the bad energy of a relationship from the past, you’ll find the magic to make it happen.

From more than a dozen tried and tested spells, they draw from various traditions and spiritualities. I hope they help enrich the love relationships in your life.


How to Perform Love Magick

It doesn’t seem very comforting if you’ve never performed a spell or charm. But it’s more straightforward than you might think — certainly more straightforward than the usual workings of love.

The efficacy of a spell depends on both your inner state of mind and what’s around you. Starting from the outward-looking in, prepare a clean, quiet space free of associations — unless they’re associations that have to do with the spell you’re about to cast.

If you can’t find a location completely free of associations, try clearing as many associations as possible in an otherwise comfortable space.

For instance, perform a spell in your bedroom, put personal items in drawers (or drape a cloth over them), and maybe even push some furniture back to clear a new space so that you can start a fresh association.

You can perform smudging to clear the space of any past energy, especially negative energy. Light a candle and think positive thoughts. Then light some sage incense or a smudge stick with that candle and waft the smoke slowly around the space clockwise, remaining as calm as possible the entire time.

Smudge sticks

If you’re smudging an entire room, give extra attention to the corners, closet, and anywhere else; negative energy or spirits could accumulate. Also, spend extra time at the doorway. Add lavender or other herbs, and continue to burn while you perform your spell.

Lavender Oil


Some spells have certain days of the week, seasons, or moon phases you should perform on, in, or under. Others you can perform when you need them the most. Adapt a spell to your needs.

You can leave parts out if they don’t resonate with you. What’s most important is to say the spell with utmost feeling and concentration. If you don’t believe it, you can’t expect the forces around you to do your bidding.

So, have confidence in yourself and that the spiritual world is always willing to connect with you.


Casting a Circle

Before you perform a spell, you can cast a circle to increase its power. If you’re outside, mark it on the ground. Inside, you can use a piece of string, paint, chalk, or objects in a circle.

A good size is 9 feet in diameter, but do what fits your space and needs. If you’re spell-casting with others, bring them into the circle before you cast it.

Love Magic

Then, you can either walk the perimeter of the circle in small steps or point at the perimeter with your finger, a stick, or a wand and turn in a circle. Either way, you choose, outline the circle three times.

If you use a special name for yourself when making a magick, repeat that name to yourself as you outline the circle. Or, you can repeat something like We join together if you are with friends.

Envision a wall of energy extending up from the sides of the circle, protecting you and everything inside of it and concentrating your power. When you have finished with your spell, envision that these walls have now extended to infinity, and then imagine them flattening down to spread the magic you have created worldwide. Leave the circle together and take any candles or other instruments of magic with you.


Writing Your Spells

After you’ve become comfortable performing some of the spells and charms I will publish or have already published, feel free to expand your skills by conjuring up your own. Here are colors, stones, flowers, herbs, essential oils, and even birds special to love magic. Use them — along with the moon phases and lucky days — to create rituals that hold meaning for you.

As for what to say, start with nothing and see if any words come to you. You may find yourself saying something repetitively over and over. Try chanting it rhythmically in a way that feels good to you. Or, if you want to write something in advance, speak it aloud as you write to ensure it has a natural feeling.

Try to employ rhyme to make it even more soothing and natural. Take a notepad with you to write down thoughts as they come — natural paper and a neutral ink like blue work better than using your phone to write things in. You may be surprised at what surfaces were.


The Tools of Love Magick

A smudge stick is a bundle of sage (and other herbs, if you desire ). To make a smudge stick, dry the herbs and then tie them with twine or another natural rope to a stick. Blow it out after lighting it on fire so it smokes like incense. Then, please place it in a bowl or use it to smudge an area.


Pen and Ink

The instruments one uses to complete spells are of the utmost importance. Using an old pen is better than a new one — any pen that has meaning to you is preferable to a cheap one you bought at the drugstore.

Use a quill (especially one you made yourself) and ink for the best results, but you can also purchase one. No matter what the instrument, using blue ink is good for neutrality, but red is often good for love spells.


Quill and Ink Set

Look at the list of colors shown here for the best ink to write your spell in if it’s not already specified.



Candles are an important part of magick. Light them with a natural wood match, and use a candle in a color that corresponds to the results you want to achieve. Pink or red are good for love, while black can be useful when ending a relationship. Candle colors are often specified when used in spells, but for more options, see the color list here.

Make sure to be careful around fire. Candles should only be used by adults and should never be left unattended.


Sachets and Ribbons

You’ll find several spells containing sachets or pouches for magical items. Sachets are best made from natural materials like cotton, leather, or silk.

Ensure they’re clean before you use them and haven’t been exposed to bad energies (smudge them to be safe). You can make your sachets by simply tying up the corners of a piece of cloth and tying them with a natural thread, yarn, or ribbon. Ribbons, cords, and even ropes are often used in spells for their powerful symbolism.

Sachets and Ribbons



Like holy water for love, you can use rosewater to give yourself good luck in love and passion in any situation. It’s also used in some of the spells I recommend and publish.

To make it, gather six roses: red for romantic love, pink for loyalty and friendship, and white for peace and harmony. Place a pot of 2 quarts of water over medium heat. Take each rose and peel one petal off at a time, letting it fall into the water.

As you do, think loving or romantic thoughts. They can be about one specific person or many people. Once the water starts to simmer, lower the heat and cover. Or you can purchase ready-made rosewater.

Rose Water

After 30 minutes, when the pink and red petals have lost most of their color, turn them off and let them cool. Then, remove the petals and bury them. Dilute the mixture by half with more water.



In conclusion, Love magick casting is as simple as you want it to be and can be as complex as you take it. Bottom line, find it necessary to prepare yourself by following the above guidance.

You will find it refreshing and more rewarding once you perform love magic, especially when your goal is achieved. I wish you Luck!

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