Find Out If Your Man Is Worth Loving

How do I know if a man is worth going after or if I’ll be wasting my time?

There is nothing more frustrating than putting all that effort into getting a man only to find out that he is a complete waste of time. You may find out with deep spiritual reading by visiting your local trusted spiritual reader or a reputable online psychic.

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However, if you are skeptical or can’t find a spiritual reader,  you can get a good idea about whether or not he is good enough for you by consulting the fates.  You can do this using a normal dice oracle to help you get the answers you seek.

Then you will be able to decide whether to get a special new hairdo for your man or stay in and watch your favorite TV show on NetFlix and keep on looking for your dream man.


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Best to use: Whenever you need some spiritual advice about a new man.

How often: Do not overuse this spell, as the spirits, like your friends, will get tired of answering the same questions over and over again. In fact, use it too much and you will start to get silly answers.

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You will need to perform this process:

  • Some red velvet
  • A red candle
  • 2  6-sided dice

Dice number representation in the process:

Two Opposites attract
Three This relationship may take some work to succeed
Four Friendship will always be important to both of you and love

will grow from this

Five Beware; there may be troubles in this relationship.
Six He will be caring and compassionate.
Seven The number of Venus, this man will be passionate and sexy
Eight He may seem boring but he is reliable.
Nine He may be a bit of a mystery at times.
Ten Karma. This is meant to be.
Eleven Destiny is a mysterious thing. You are meant to discover the answer

for yourself.

Twelve This relationship may stifle both of you because it seems so conventional.


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The procedure of performing the process to the finding your ideal man

Cut out a 10 inch (25 cm) square of red velvet. Set the square upon a table and place a lit red candle behind it. Hold two dice in your hands and frame the question you wish to ask in your mind.

For example, “Will I have anything in common with this man

Concentrate hard on the question, then say:

Spirit guides, I call upon you this hour
to give me the truthful answer to the question I ask.
Be my counsel,
steer the dice and tell me what I need to know.

Once you have asked the question and received the answer, remember to thank your spirit guides for their help. Although the number associations are based on ancient numerological wisdom, you may have different personal
meanings for particular numbers. If this is so, it is fine to use those instead of the ones above, as your spirit guides will work better with the ones you are familiar with.


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