Dream About Someone Spell

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How To Dream About Someone Spell

I have had so many people asking me if it’s possible to dream of someone. Here is a spell that does just that.



Is there a way I can dream of my ideal man?

Yes, there is, or even if you do not dream of an actual person, you should be able to have visions of

things that will point you in the right direction. A good dream dictionary will help you to interpret these visions.


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Requirements for the spell of dreaming about someone

  1. A lavender- or purple-colored pouch
  2. Fresh lavender
  3. Fresh mugwort
  4. Cinnamon powder
  5. Rose or jasmine essential oils
  6. Your favorite red wine

Checklist of performing this spell:

Best to use: On the night of a full pouch moon, when there is a clear sky

How often: You only need to make the pouch once but you can recharge it with the ritual every now and again if necessary.


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Here is the procedure of making dream about someone spell

On the night of a full moon, when the sky is cloudless, take a purple pouch, some lavender, mugwort, cinnamon, rose, or Jasmine essential oil, and a glass of red wine outside, to a position where you will be able to sit comfortably on the ground, facing the moon. Slowly fill the pouch with the herbs, finishing with a pinch of cinnamon and a few drops of essential oil. As you do this, chant in a sing-song voice:

In my dreams, my love I shall see

Let true visions come to me

Come to me

Come to me

Locked in sleep, I shall see thee.


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Blow into the pouch three times, then close it up. Hold the glass of wine up to the full moon in a salutary gesture, and say:

Great moon goddess, I pray you to bless this spell and to bless my sleep

with mystic dreams, show me the man who is meant f01′ me 01′

give me signs so that I shall know how to recognize him, Lift the veil

from my soul tonight and bring me wisdom, blessed be thee.

Pour a little wine onto the ground in front of you as a libation in honor of the moon goddess, then drink the rest yourself Place the pouch under your pillow.

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Final Words:

Sweet dreams should then follow and if you followed the above instructions and steps clearly, you will definitely have a visual dream of the love of your life.


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