Attracting a Rich Guy

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How to attract a rich guy

Of course, you should love a guy for who he is, not how much moola he has in his pocket. Right?

Well, we are only humans, and it would be nice to sometimes date a Mr. Wonderful who doesn’t count every last penny.
After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and in this post, I will take you through a simple spell that will get you a guy who is not only rich but will make his wallet wide for you.

I have shared and also performed this spell for many girls, and they are ever grateful. I get gifts from many of them, and that’s a sign of this spell’s success.

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Let’s look at the Attracting a Rich Guy spell’s checklist first:

Best to use: On the night of a full moon, outside, and in good weather.
How often? It is best to use this spell once every few months.


Requirements for performing this spell:

  1. Salt
  2. A compass
  3. 4 green candles
  4. A net bag
  5. Coins of various denominations
  6. A plastic male figurine from a toy store
  7. A model car, a Ferrari, would be quite appropriate
  8. Silk underwear


The procedure involved in preparing the spell in Attracting a Rich Guy:

Perform this attracting a rich guy ritual outside on the night of the full moon. Mark a large circle on the ground with something non-permanent, such as salt. Ascertain where north, south, east, and west are and place a green candle at each point.

When you are ready, place a net bag, some coins, a plastic male figurine, a model car, and some silk underwear in the circle and light the candles. Place the bag in the north and the figurine, car, and coins at the other directional points.

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Performing the spell:

Sit quietly in the center of the circle for a few moments, then stand and pick up the bag. Traveling in a clockwise direction (deosil), walking around the circle, picking up the objects, and placing them in the bag.

I shall hunt and I shall catch
I shall stalk and I shall snatch
Bring me a man with plenty of cash.


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Once you have your “booty” in the bag, walk around the circle clockwise (deosil) again, this time starting in the east and finishing in the north. At each quarter, kneel before the candle and say the following prayer:

Powers of the [insert name of direction] hear my request
And help me in my magic quest
A man of money to fall for me
As I do will, so shall it be.

At the end of the ritual, wrap the bag in silk underwear. Blow out the candles and clear the ground so that no trace of your spell-making exists. Place the bag wrapped in the underwear near where you keep your checkbook. Then go out and party! You have completed a spell to attract a rich guy.


Final words:

There you have it! If you did everything right in the spell for attracting a rich guy, you would notice that all the men who are making moves towards you are decent, but above all, they have plenty of cash or wealth.

The rest is up to you in how you handle him to maintain his generosity and keep the relationship burning.

If you perform everything right and you don’t see any change, there is a possibility of an external force or dark forces in your life path. To determine this, you need to get a spiritual reading that will investigate and reveal any evil, curse, or dark forces in your life path.

Best of luck!

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  1. Thanks very much for this teaching.
    But what if where you live, there’s no way you can do this spell outside of your house, what is the alternative?
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