Adam and Eve Root Attraction Spell

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The Powerful and effective Adam and Eve Root Attraction Spell

Adam and Eve’s roots have a rich history and are steeped in cultural significance. They were once extremely popular and widely advertised in relationship magazines, as well as sold in spiritual supply stores.

These roots are named after the biblical figures Adam and Eve, as they are believed to resemble their respective genitalia.

This symbolism has made them particularly potent in love spells and rituals. However, due to their popularity and overharvesting, these plants have become endangered, and the roots have become scarce.

Once upon a time, they were extremely popular, advertised in many relationship magazines, and commonly sold as curiosities in spiritual supply stores.

Today, the plants are endangered, and the roots are thus very scarce.

They are very powerful and are featured in many love spells.


Are you looking for ways to attract love into your life? If so, the Adam and Eve root spell may be of interest to you. 

However, if you are uncomfortable with spellcasting, there are alternative options available. 

This writing provides information on both the Adam and Eve root spell and alternative methods for attracting love.

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If you are comfortable with spellcasting, let’s get the details. Please make sure you read the steps and procedures very carefully to get positive results.


Here are the materials you will need to get this Adam and Eve root Spell to work perfectly:

  1. Adam and Eve Root: If you can’t find the root, use love figure candles
  2. Rosewater
  3. Love-drawing oil recommended [Come to me Oil]


*If you are unable to find Adam and Eve roots, substitute with a Love figure candle.*

Adam and Eve Root Spell can help with the following:

Attracting or drawing a new love:

*Begin this spell at the new moon to attract or draw a new love into your life.*

Follow this procedure:

Step 1: Wash your hands with rose water prior to mixing up any love potions or powders to
make the spell much stronger or more intense

Step 2: Dress the Adam and Eve root with love-drawing oil, such as Come to Me Lover. To dress the root, carefully apply a small amount of the oil to the surface of the root, ensuring that it is evenly coated. This oil is believed to enhance the root’s love-drawing properties and increase its effectiveness in attracting new love into your life.

Step 3: Hold the Adam and Eve root in your mojo hand or lucky hand

Step 4: Once you have the Adam and Eve root in your hands, hold it in your mojo hand or lucky hand. This hand is considered to be the one that possesses the strongest spiritual energy. As you hold the root, visualize your desired outcome and chant the following incantation:


As Adam is to Eve
As a moth to night-scented bloom
As bee to a flower
As night follows day
As the sun chases the moon
As minutes fill an hour
Hear my call
O love my heart
Follow the light
That guides you here
It is the time and I am calling
It is the time and I am calling
I draw you in
I draw you in
I draw you in
I bring you home
Let us be Adam and Eve


5. Place the roots facing each other on opposite ends of a mirror.
6. Each night, dress the roots with an additional drop of love-drawing oil and move them a little closer to each other. Make sure that they are touching when the full moon arrives.

*If you are unable to find Adam and Eve roots, substitute lodestones or figure candles.*

Potential risks or limitations of using the Adam and Eve root spell

While many people have reported success with the Adam and Eve root spell, it’s important to note that spellcasting is not guaranteed to produce the desired outcome.

Each individual’s circumstances and beliefs may vary, and results can vary as well.


Additionally, the scarcity of Adam and Eve roots can make them difficult to obtain. If you are unable to find these roots, alternative options such as lodestones or figure candles can be substituted.


Results and final words:

Without a doubt, Adam and Eve’s roots work magic. Many people have had massive success and gotten their soul mates from attraction to serious relationships. You, too, can get success with the Adam and Eve root spell.

If you follow the above by getting the right materials and carefully following the simple steps, you will see that after a couple of days, the person you want to attract will begin to make some moves.

Normally, if you stay closer, they will become restless, and you will notice that they want to see you much more often than before. If you are connected to any social network, they will start messaging you or calling you and have more than usual communication.


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