How To Heal A Broken Heart

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Discover 3 Steps To Healing A Broken Heart


It is unbearable to live with a broken heart. When you lose love, you virtually lose a huge part of your life. Incidentally, this will immensely have an impact on your heart. The pain of ending a relationship with someone you love; someone you care for and shared all the good and bad memories can be very intense.

A Broken heart will make you sad, cry and you will develop physical aches and of course, this will bring much pain in your heart and the entire body.

Broken Heart


In the process of grief, your health, well-being, and overall ability to function in your daily life will be affected.

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Furthermore, dealing with a broken heart can be tempting into denial of your feelings. Additionally, the same effect would force you to distant yourself from others due to the fear of being hurt again. This would cause more harm as you might end up in complete isolation and total loneliness. Meanwhile, this denial, isolation, and loneliness are very unworthy strategies.



Fortunately, there are guidelines that can assist you in healing and help you to move on. These guides will help you regardless of how long it been since your break-up. Steps you can take to help you heal and move on, no matter how much time has passed since your break-up.


Try these steps in the process of healing your broken heart:


  1. Cut off all contacts and remove any physical reminders of your ex.

    It goes without saying that memories never die. However, cutting contacts that would perhaps encourage you to call or contact your ex will help to keep you away from memories. On the contrary, you would be hurt more if your ex ignores your calls or block you from messaging.


Therefore, memories of your past with your ex would hold you from moving on. Just like picking off the scab on a physical wound would unable it to heal, keeping in contact or holding on reminders of your ex will simply prolong your misery.


  • Remove any of your ex’s belongings. If your ex no longer wants these items, give them away to a thrift store or charity that accepts used items.


  • Get rid of pictures, gifts, love letters, or anything else that would remind you of your ex. When such reminders are removed, this will help you to stop obsessing and rehashing past events.


  • Remember your online and digital profiles. Delete every picture, text, and email that you received from your ex, and remove their information from your devices.


  • Get in touch with your friends and family members and let them know that the relationship is over. Ask them to avoid bringing up your ex. In case your loved ones are having trouble complying with your request, you may be forced to limit your contact with them for a time being.


  • Stop going to the places that you frequented as a couple.


  • By removing any physical reminders of your past life with your ex, you’re actually clearing your mind and heart. Doing this will help you to move on and make a new life for yourself.

Broken Heart


  1. Take care of yourself as you heal.

When you try throwing yourself into the work-life or attempting to calm your sorrows with too much alcohol and lots of food, this will only cause more harm than good in the long run.


  • Protect yourself with healthy food, eliminate or take very little alcohol. Additionally, consider joining an exercise class to help you socialize while releasing excess energy and getting your body in shape.


  • Brainstorm and start a new hobby. Some of the good choices include taking classes to learn a new skill, a different language or you could volunteer at a local community setup or charity.


Put your Focus on coping strategies that will help you boost your health and self-esteem.


  1. Keep calm if you run into your ex.

For most this is one of the most killer instances. There are great chances of running into your former lover in you live in the same or close areas. Always be prepared for this eventuality. In the event that it happens, try focusing on your breathing if there is any verbal exchange. Most importantly be brief and polite.

Broken Relationship


In conclusion:

If anyone tells you that healing from a broken heart is easy, he will be very dishonest. However, putting these strategies in practice will help you to begin the process. If you can heal your broken heart, you’ll be free, ready, and strong enough to love again, maybe even sooner than you think.

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