How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Discover the most effective ways to fix broken relationships.

A broken relationship is something anyone in love would not want to experience. But as you go through your love life, you’re more likely to encounter situations that result in your love for your partner being broken.

Whether you are too careful and taking all the cautions in love life, it is almost impossible to have an issue free Love life.


There’s always that feeling of being incomplete when you’re at odds with someone you were once close to. And being around them continues to be very uncomfortable.

broken relationship


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In a broken relationship, your world feels so thin. Additionally, you feel anxiety, and, in many cases, this causes even more catastrophic situations, for instance, breaking up, divorce, and, in the worst case, even suicide.


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Love is a very powerful element in life


Therefore, it is very important to know how to handle a broken love situation. It is equally important to note that you have to be very careful in the event of such a situation. The way you handle it will determine the final outcome.


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What can you do to handle broken love?


Try these techniques for restoring your broken love:


  1. Be honest about the part you played during the breakdown. Sometimes, repairing broken love is harder than it needs to be because you just haven’t come to terms with the part you played during the process when love was breaking up in the first place.


It’s really important to take an honest look inward and take responsibility for your own contribution to what happened.


  • Rewind and play the situation back in your mind. Examine what you did, how you responded to the point of view of your partner, and how much effort you put towards resolution at the time. Because when love breaks, there is so much that happens, and you might not have much time to see these happenings in real life. However, when you rewind and playback, it gives you an idea of what happened.


  • Turn the tables, put yourself in your partner’s shoes, and ask yourself how you would feel if you were your partner. Would you feel hurt? Offended? Be honest with yourself about it.


  • Avoid feeling justified for any wrong you did in the situation. If it’s wrong, it’s just plain wrong! Admit it and genuinely show is to your partner.


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broken relationship

  1. Be willing to forgive. At the end of your assessment, you may realize that your partner also did or said hurtful things.


And while they may not have apologized thus far, it’s very important that you show the willingness to forgive your partner – even if that word “sorry” never comes out!


  • Forgiveness isn’t based on someone’s apology; it’s based on your inner desire to be at peace with yourself and someone else. It is not about saying “sorry” or making a verbal apology. It’s about getting those emotional weights off your shoulders internally.
  • Equally important, remember that forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forget. Hence, maintaining the memory of the accounts of the past helps you know how to react in similar situations in the future.


  1. Open channels of communication in stages. It is very important to know how much this love means to you. If it indeed means a lot to you, a good idea would be to try to open the channels of communication in several stages. We well know that there cannot be a positive outcome in almost anything if there is no communication among the stakeholders. Therefore, you must avoid trying to be “best buddies” overnight.


 Take it one step at a time to thaw the ice instead of chiseling away and trying to break it!


  • Find ideas and be creative! In love, you have to try things to get it under control. For instance, you may start with a quick digital message (SMS) or e-mail to say, “Hi, you were in my thoughts, so I thought I’d send you a quick hello.” You have no idea how such simple things could positively open doors to a love conversation.
  • Gradually, you can move on to phone calls, group outings, and then eventually one-on-one sessions.


  1. Suggest counseling. For many, this seems like a waste of time, but it surely helps in a broken relationship.

broken relationship

Try not to get paranoid about the word counseling!


This does not mean sitting in with a professional and having your dirty laundry aired. It could simply involve getting to the root of the issue to find a solution that’s acceptable to both of you. Counseling should not only mean being in a professional setting with psychologists or professionals with a Ph.D. in a broken relationship.



Counseling can be done by a close friend who has good human understanding. Basically, counseling allows you and your partner to open up to a third party. Being heard when you are feeling pain helps to free you up.

In conclusion:

Broken Love is a very sensitive matter in love life. However, you must understand that when two partners are in love, they are basically trying to put two different hearts together to live together.

These hearts come from different backgrounds and have different tastes in things. As with other things with differences, hearts are not exceptional. Therefore, if one of the hearts feels uncomfortable with the other’s behaviors, the result is broken love.


It would be wise not to expect that all relationships can be fixed in the same amount of time. However, they can likely all be repaired if the same activities previously discussed are part of the equation. Remember, the more openness and honesty you display, the easier it will be to get a positive outcome.


Counseling for broken love is what Dr. Carlos Mukuru has been doing for most of his career. Though he uses a spiritual approach, he has been very successful in repairing and reuniting many broken loves.


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