Love Spell To Hold A Man’s Love

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Never Heard Before A Super Effective Love Spell To Hold A Man’s Love

This particular spell is, in several ways, an amalgamation of the two preceding castings. It enables the woman who performs it as directed to control and hold her man, whether such a man is a husband or a boyfriend (lover).


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The required details are given below:

  1. Get a strand of the man’s hair, preferably by pulling it out of the top of his head when he is asleep or when you are playfully running your hands through his hair. If you cannot obtain the hair by either of these means, then get the
    Hair from his comb—although hair obtained from this source is less ‘powerful’ than hair pulled out of the head. Having acquired the strand of hair, put it in a new bottle of the type of perfume (cologne) you regularly use. Also, put four new, small needles in the same bottle of perfume (cologne). Allow the hair and needles to stay in the bottle of perfume for a few days.
  2. At midnight (any night), go to the cemetery with the bottle of perfume and its contents. If a relative, friend, acquaintance, or somebody you used to know when they were alive is buried in that cemetery, then go straight to the person’s grave. It is being assumed here that you already know the location of the grave in question. Otherwise, you will have to go to the cemetery during the daytime to look for the grave concerned. On the other hand, if nobody you used to know is buried in the cemetery, then go to any grave you choose. Take along with a torch, a knife, and an odd number of coins.
  3. On reaching the grave, mention that you came in peace, then set the bottle of perfume on top of the grave. Stand beside the grave and call the name of the dead person several times; then, as well as you can, ask the spirit of the dead person to help you place the man in question under your control. Mention exactly what you wish the spirit to do for you; state what specific actions you want the man to take or not to take, how you want him to behave towards you, and so on.

After this, use the knife to dig the top of the grave or, if the grave is cemented over, beneath the headstone on the grave. After digging to a depth of a few inches, put an odd number of coins into the hole and cover the hole with some of the soil dug out; however, keep a little of the soil in an envelope (which you had taken to the cemetery) or in your palm.

When you cover up the hole, say aloud that you have* by putting the coins in the hole* made payment to the dead person’s spirit for the service you require of it.

Then* stand up and throw the soil in the envelope (or in your palm/hand) upwards into the sky, saying (once only):

‘Go, Spirit, Go! Go to the West* the East, the South* the North –
go wherever (here mention the name of the man you want to
control and hold) is and make him do my bidding.

Stop up the bottle and take it home. Keep the bottle and its contents secretly among your possessions. As often as you can, shake the bottle vigorously and repeat your wishes. Before you ask the man for a particularly important favor* go and shake up the bottle and state your wish.

Finally, add more cologne/perfume; when the quantity of cologne in the bottle gets sucked up (by the strand of hair), henceforth, you should notice that the man concerned does what you want and goes out of his way to please you.


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