how to make your partner want you more

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In the dance of love, keeping desire alive in a long-term relationship is hard. Over time, passion can fade, and the initial spark can seem to disappear, leaving many wondering.

“How can I make my partner want me more?” This blog looks at an unusual method: a spiritual ceremony that aims to rekindle the flame of desire.

But why would you use a spell to make your partner want you more? Let’s learn more about this exciting trip.


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The Role and Effectiveness of Spells in Enhancing Desire

Many cultures have used love spells throughout history as powerful ways to attract love and desire. They help you focus your intentions and bring your desires into the physical world. This strengthens the emotional and spiritual bonds between partners.

A well-known relationship expert, Dr. Jane Warren, says, “Rituals and spells can change a person’s mind if done with good intentions. They help you set your mind on your relationship goals, which can subtly change how your relationship works.

Take the case of Susan and Mark. They were at a crossroads, and their love for each other didn’t seem as strong as it used to be. They said that after using a love spell, their relationship improved, and their passion for each other returned.

How did the spell work? Susan explains, “The ritual helped us clarify what we wanted to do. It wasn’t magic, but it made us pay more attention to what each other wanted.”


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The Dynamics of Desire in a Relationship

But a love spell on its own is not a quick fix. It must be filled out with the things that make a relationship strong. Dr. Warren says true desire comes from a deep emotional connection, mutual respect, and personal intrigue.

Take Emily and John, a couple who managed to rekindle their passion by focusing on their emotional connection and understanding. They also used a love spell, but as Emily says, “The spell was a part of the journey, not the entire journey.”

In the same way, self-confidence is a key part of being more attractive. “When you love and respect yourself, you give off a magnetic charm that draws others to you,” says Richard Hall, a well-known life coach.

Sarah, one of Richard’s clients, found out the truth. She found that her partner liked her more than ever after she learned to love herself.

Harnessing the Power of Spirituality to Enhance Desire

Spiritual rituals are powerful tools to enhance desire. Psychic professionals at PsychicOz shed light on the role of spiritual alignment in maintaining desire.

Psychic Zylisaa explains, “An aligned and open spiritual space can considerably enhance the attraction between two individuals.” Lily’s story stands as proof. After integrating spiritual rituals into her life, she attracted a partner who truly desired her.

The Red Phallus Candle Ritual: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, how can you make your partner want you more by using this spiritual ritual? Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Write your partner’s name on a red phallus candle—red symbolizes passion and love.
  2. Stroke the candle nine times with musk oil, an aphrodisiac that enhances its power.
  3. Pass the candle through the musk incense smoke to make its effect stronger.
  4. Light the candle once daily, letting it burn 1/2 an inch each time.
  5. Once the candle has completely burned out, wrap it in a piece of red satin and keep it under your bed for one month.

By nurturing the ritual, you’re nurturing your desire, keeping it close and alive.


When You Don’t Notice Any Changes

Changes in relationships often don’t happen overnight. They are typically subtle and gradual. Don’t be disheartened if you’ve performed the ritual and haven’t noticed any immediate changes.

The professionals at PsychicOz can provide a deeper look into your spiritual space, offering insights and understanding.

As Psychic Zylisaa advises, “Patience is key when working with spiritual rituals. They are not quick fixes but part of building a more profound connection with your partner.”

Sourcing the Essential Items for the Ritual

For the ritual to work, the things used must be good quality. You can get a red phallus candle, musk oil, and musk incense from reputable stores that sell spiritual supplies.

We think “The Spiritual Emporium” and “Mystical Treasures” are good places to look for quality items. Ensure that your products are real to get the best results.

Most of my clients and I have had nothing but good experiences purchasing red phallus candles from Amazon

Red Male Genital candle

Musk Oil



Self-love, mutual respect, and emotional connection are at the heart of making your partner want you more. When used correctly and responsibly, a spell can be a powerful tool to align your intentions and energies towards this goal.

Remember, approach this ritual with openness, patience, and positive intentions. After all, the most potent magic stems from the love and desire we carry within us.


Dr. Jane Warren, Richard Hall, and Psychic Zylisaa, all experts in their fields, gave us helpful advice. Zylisaa, Psychic Oz: If you need more help, you can contact these experts or talk to the experts at PsychicOz. And don’t forget that love is a beautiful journey, not a place you get to. Keep exploring, keep loving!


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