Ukuthwala For Money

Find Out What is Ukuthwala, Ukuthwala for Imali, Ukuthwala for Money or Riches


Ukuthwala for money is a traditional process that will help you become wealthy within a very short period of time.


Caution: If you don’t believe in traditional magic, this article will not make sense to you. However, if you are a non-traditional believer and you continue reading, this might change the way you think. Your life could change today! The decision is yours.

Ukuthwala is a Xhosa / Zulu word which means to carry. So, in the context of Wealth or money, Ukuthwala simply means to carry wealth or money to you using traditional magic or process.

So, I am sure if you’ve been around for a while you should have heard so many stories about people who become rich overnight.

These and many other stories sound mysterious until you get close to reality.


The origin or Ukuthwala for money or wealth

Ukuthwala for imali or money has been around for centuries. Even before money was invented these traditional methods were used to get all kinds of wealth that were there by that time.

This Ukuthwala method is not only done in South Africa or Africa. The process name could be different but the intent to get wealth fast is the same.

A quick example is the Illuminati which is commonly known as a Western process that gives you wealth in a short time. There are many other processes around the world that many people use to tap into the top 1% of the world (Riches).

Who will need Ukuthwala for Money

You will need this traditional magic if you :

  1. Fearless and just want to be a wealth
  2. Believe in traditional processes or magic
  3. Don’t believe in traditional but you want to be rich anyway
  4. Your life can never get better no matter what you do
  5. Work harder than anyone else but struggling than everybody
  6. Tired of being poor while looking at others enjoying riches
  7. Are educated enough but live to survive
  8. Run a business but have never seen any success
  9. Have family or friends who are financially independent but you never see success
  10. Going through a life of envying others while your life sinks into more poverty

The list can go on and on…

Ukuthwala for money

Ukuthwala to be rich can change your life in a very short time. I know I sound silly for some who are skeptical but that’s how we have been reconditioned as human beings.

We would believe in things we have no control over but be aggressively skeptical of those we can change.

A simple example is what we believe in religion, and I not trying to be controversial and nor am I trying to convince you otherwise.

We are preached to believe in all things afterlife and we are told to do many other things that will give us that, which we will get afterlife. The afterlife we have no control over, we have not been there, and non has come from there to give us any information. Nonetheless, we believe!

Ukuthwala is a process that you have control over. One that you can perform or get it performed on your behalf and see those results. At least before you get to the promised afterlife.


 Ukuthwala methods may be hard or difficult but people have used them to accumulate large sums of money.

In other words, this traditional magic has helped them change their way of life and that of their loved ones.


Like any other great thing in life, there are always advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Ukuthwala

Advantages of Ukuthwala for money or Imali

The one advantage that sums it all is that Ukuthwala to be rich helps you to generate money in your life. This will in return help you to:

  1. Take care of yourself and your family
  2. Run a wealthy business and create your own empire
  3. Buy that dream car and many more that you actually never dreamed of.
  4. Fire your boss and become your own master, king of cash.
  5. Build or buy that multimillion (Dollar, Rand, Pound, Euro) home that will make your life worthwhile
  6. Travel the world and see the beauty of the planet.
  7. Do anything that requires money without first sweating your blood.

..and the list can go on and on… In a nutshell, Ukuthwala will get you to the promised life when you are still alive. If indeed there is an afterlife, you are in luck! You will see both here and there (where ever it is)



Disadvantages of Ukuthwala for Imali or money, wealth

The main disadvantage of Ukuthwala is that since you are getting into an agreement with the high powers upon taking this wealth machine, you have to abide by the agreement.

As human humans, we tend to forget so easily in all life aspects. Getting rich is not an exception. With the Ukuthwala agreement, there are hefty consequences if you breach the agreement.

Another disadvantage on one side and a disadvantage on the other is that; Ukuthwala wealth cannot be used in things that:

  1. Would hurt other people. Such as getting into any business involving taking human life
  2. Things that violate human rights (abuse of any kind)
  3. Illegal businesses such as drug and human trafficking etc
  4. Involving stealing, corruption, or embezzling public property

..and many other bad-related things, all are included in the agreement.

Put it simply when you get the money, it shouldn’t be used for bad intentions.

How does Ukuthwala get rich work?

This traditional magic is actually flexible in that it works. It gives you options that are accommodating to you, though much more strict. It’s a no-nonsense process that is only to be done by those hungry for wealth. In simple terms, the unstoppable. However,

It is entirely dependent on how you want to do it.

Ukuthwala for wealth or money may involve getting in an agreement with the high power on how you want to achieve your Ukuthwala riches.


Flexible ways of achieving Ukuthwala for imali or money or wealth

Without getting into details, and in no particular order, here are some of the common methods of Ukuthwala


  • Blood sacrifice: With this, you use specific animal blood to get Ukuthwala
  • Contractual Agreement: This is the most preferred method whereby you get into an agreement with the high powers through the healer or spell caster.
  • Using Sacred Animals: Normally animals like snakes, rats, birds, and short boys or Abafana would be a preference for this task.
  • Snakes perform tasks such as Ukuthwala ngenyoka its performed by sacred snakes which keep vomiting money when commanded
  • Using what is called “Abafana”(These are creatures that are workhorses to help you accumulate wealth)
  • Using African traditional Potion “Isighubu” (This is potion mixed often with organic materials, and is considered a safe option).

Now, I am sure you wondering, you have read all about Ukuthwala but asking yourself, where to start.

Unfortunately, there is so many bogus healers and spell casters who take advantage of vulnerable people like yourself. They will promise heaven and earth but end up sucking you dry of your hard-earned money.

To get started with my Ukuthwala for money process and services, you will have to be a perfect match. Matching with people that I help.

People who have these characteristics:

  1. Be more than ready for Ukuthwala. I have no time to convince you
  2. Willing to take action. Actually, its MASSIVE ACTION
  3. Committed to the cause of being wealthy and able to look after their wealth
  4. Teachable with a sense of grasping little details.
  5. Have an independent mind and can make quick decisions. Ukuthwala for imali is not for the shallow-minded so is wealth.

If you are VERY sure you have the above characteristics, let’s start a conversation.

I DON’T and WILL NOT entertain time wasters.

Not trying to be rude but I have been through this enough.



In Conclusion:

There you have it! If you were on the edge, did everything to make your life better but not get anywhere, Ukuthwala is for you.


Don’t listen to the noise out there about how evil or taboo traditional processes are. Actually, those making noise, if they are wealthy, 9 out of 10 they have gone through some kind of Ukuthwala process.


You see, there is hardly anyone that can testify that they got their wealth from Ukuthwala or any other traditional processes. You too will be the same!

That’s how we are conditioned. To only appreciate the western processes even if the success was through our own tradition.

Final Words

As you have seen above, Ukuthwala has different ways of execution. You are not limited to the possibility but you are bound to agree on terms and conditions.


Our ancestors, who are the high powers of this Ukuthwala process would wish all of us alive to be happy and successful. Unfortunately, due to the imperfection of the world we live in, it’s nearly impossible to implement the high power’s wish. But for those who take the ancestors seriously, the impossible is nothing!


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Ukuthwala For Money

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