8 Revenge Spells That Promise Results and Their 15 Controversial Justifications

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The revenge spell is like a secret trick people use to make things happen in a way that is not normal. Some people use it to get back at others who have hurt them. It is like having the secret power to hit back at someone without touching them.

Why would you want to cast this revenge spell?

  1. Being bullied at school or work.
  2. Having someone spread false rumors about them.
  3. Being cheated on by a partner.
  4. Being unfairly blamed for something they didn’t do.
  5. Being passed over for a promotion because of favoritism.
  6. Having their ideas or work stolen by someone else.
  7. Being treated poorly because of their appearance.
  8. Receiving harsher punishment than others for the same mistake.
  9. Being excluded from a group without a fair reason
  10. Losing out on an opportunity due to discrimination (like race, gender, or age).
  11. Being the target of a scam or fraud.
  12. Having someone break an important promise to them
  13. Receiving unequal pay for equal work
  14. Being unjustly evicted from housing.
  15. Having their property damaged or stolen by someone else.


Imagine you have a secret, invisible wand that you can wave to make things happen to someone mean to you. That’s what some people think black magic is like.

It’s a hidden way of getting back at someone. For example, if someone at school took your favorite toy and wouldn’t give it back, imagine writing their name on a piece of paper and burying it in the ground, believing that this act will make them return your toy or get a time-out.

This is a simple form of what some might call a revenge spell—a way to try and settle the score without having to argue or fight.

In many places around the world, such as in the deep forests of Louisiana, there are stories of people whispering words over strange herbs to cast a curse on those who have wronged them.

The belief in “invisible helpers” through magic is not just old wives’ tales. Today, some still perform age-old rituals, hoping to balance the scales of justice covertly. George W. Marchinkowski, an expert in cultural mystical practices, discusses in an article that these traditions are more than superstition; they’re a psychological release for those feeling wronged when conventional justice systems fail. For a deeper understanding of these practices, read his detailed analysis. His research shows these rituals serve as a means for empowerment and claiming justice across cultures.

A tableau depicting elements commonly associated with a revenge spell in witchcraft, including black candles, a dark grimoire, and a pentagram inscribed in a circle of salt.
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Understanding the Ethical Implications

When it comes to using black magic for revenge, it’s like standing at a crossroads where one path is getting even, and the other is walking away.

People often disagree on which path to take. Let’s say a friend breaks your favorite toy on purpose. You might feel like breaking something of theirs to make it fair. But is it really fair? What if you end up in a never-ending cycle of breaking each other’s things?

Using black magic for revenge can be seen in a similar light. It brings up big questions about what’s right. If someone makes you sad or hurts you, and you use a spell to make something bad happen to them, it’s like poking a hole in their happiness as payback.

But then, what if everyone started doing this to each other whenever they felt wronged? It would be like a world where no one trusts or helps each other because they’re too busy trying to get even.

In many cultures, there’s a belief that what goes around comes around, known as karma. So, if you use black magic to hurt someone else, some believe that the bad energy will come back to you one day. It’s like throwing a boomerang that hits something and then circles back to you.

These questions aren’t easy to answer and can make us think really hard about how we choose to react to being hurt. Is the temporary feeling of satisfaction worth the risk of causing more harm and potentially facing the consequences yourself? It’s about weighing short-term satisfaction against long-term peace and deciding what kind of person you want to be.

But there are circumstances where someone would really wrong you to the extent of not thinking critically and end up using a revenge spell to get back to them.


The Process of Black Magic Revenge Spell

Casting a black magic spell for revenge is no trivial task. It requires precise preparations, specific ingredients, and the willingness to step into a world of arcane energies.


Preparations for Casting a Revenge Spell

The preparatory steps are as crucial as the spell itself, often involving a clear intention and a deep understanding of the desired outcome.

These steps may include gathering personal belongings or photographs of the person you seek revenge on, as well as performing rituals to invoke dark forces and strengthen your energy.

It is important to approach these preparations with caution and respect for the power you are about to wield.

Now that we have gone through the most important information about revenge spells let’s look at different revenge spells.

#1: Revenge spell to punish someone.

Illustration of a traditional revenge spell setup featuring candles, a voodoo doll, and scattered herbs.

When someone feels very hurt, and they want to make things right, they might think about using a strong spell.

This spell is like calling the wind, the ground, the water, and the fire to help. The person saying the spell asks these parts of nature to make the person who hurt them feel scared and sorry.

This spell involves channeling your anger and resentment towards the person, focusing on their wrongdoings and the pain they have caused you.

It typically requires specific ingredients, such as a black candle, a piece of paper with the person’s name written on it, and any personal belongings or photographs you have gathered.

The spell may involve reciting incantations or performing symbolic actions to transfer your negative energy onto the person, ultimately causing them to experience pain.


Steps to cast this revenge spell: ( without ingredients)

Find a convenient place with no noise and very good privacy.

After you have clearly stated your intent to cast this spell, chant the following:


“There has been unfairness done to me 

I summon the elements 

I envoke them

 I conjure them to do my bidding 

The four watchtowers whall lay their eyes and minds

there shall be fear and guilt and bad blood 

there shall be submission and no pity

I point the threefold law against thee 

against thee it shall be pointed 

threefold, a hundred fold is the cost for my anger and pain 

Thee shall be blinded by the fear 

blinded by the pain 

blinded by me 

binded by me 

Cursed by me 

So mote it be!”


When done with the above chants, take something like a picture or anything that belongs to the bad person and burn the picture with a black candle if you don’t have any of their belonging.

You can draw a picture that looks like them. You don’t have to be the best artist. Just draw anything that represents that person, and you may write their full name on your drawing in bold.


#2: Revenge spell to destroy the enemy.

Illustration of a dark, mystical spellbook open to a page titled "Revenge Spell to Destroy the Enemy" with ominous symbols and ancient text, a flickering candle casting shadows, and a hand hovering above, poised to cast the spell.


This spell is intended to bring harm to your enemy, so it’s important to consider the potential consequences and ethical implications before proceeding.

It’s always advisable to seek peaceful resolutions and understanding whenever possible.

If you still wish to proceed, you will need a piece of thick string or yarn about 9 or 10 inches long. You will tie 3 separate knots a couple of inches apart.

Visualize the negative energy surrounding this person and their actions as you chant the following incantation:


“With this knot I seal this hex

you will not sleep, you will not rest 

Knots of anger, knots of hate 

Discord brings you to your fate

I tie this second knot makes two

Bringing darkness over you 

Slander, discord, evil too 

Bringing darkness straight to you 

With this third knot, I do bind 

Weaving chaos in your mind 

Hex of anger, hex of hate

Bring him down, I will not wait” 

So mote it be!

When you cast this spell, think about how much trouble it will cause your enemy. Please make sure you are furious before you cast it.

This will make it work even better! When you’re done, try to hide this string around your enemy’s house with the knots made.

This will make it stronger! If not, put it somewhere safe until you decide to pull the strings apart and give your enemy another chance.

#3: black magic to take revenge

An arrangement of black magic spell ingredients including dark candles, an ancient grimoire, and a circle of salt with arcane symbols.

Keep in mind that using black magic to get back at someone can lead to bad things. Before you do something, you should think about how it might hurt both your enemy and yourself.

Before casting this spell, please give it some thought and think of other ways to settle disagreements quietly. However, if you are really mad and think you were treated completely unfairly, You can now cast this powerful revenge magic.

Here are the steps to cast the revenge spell:

  • Gather the bones of chickens and dry them in the sun for a few days.

Then, when you are ready to do this revenge spell, make sure you are worked up into a frenzy of anger and hatred.

This will add to the potency of your revenge black magic! Be thinking of all this while doing this spell, and say:

“With these bones I now do crush” 


  • Take a hammer or use your feet to stomp and crush these bones as if they were your enemies before you!

When you are done, sweep them up and place them in a bag.

You will then want to sprinkle the dust and remains of the bones on your enemy’s property around his house.

If you have a bell, ring it 3 times and say:


“I call upon the Ancient 

Ones from the great abyss to do my bidding 

I invoke Cuthalu, God of Anger, and the creatures of the underworld hear me now”

“Bones of anger, bones to dust full of fury, revenge is just

I scatter these bones,

these bones of rage 

take thine enemy, bring him pain

I see thine enemy before me now 

I bind him, crush him, bring him down 

With these bones I now do crush 

Make thine enemy turn to dust torment, fire, out of control

With this hex I curse your soul” 

So mote it be! 


Warning: This can be a deadly revenge spell! If you so choose to do it, be forewarned that you may indeed seriously harm this person, and you are responsible for the karma! You may want to do one of the less damaging hexes. The choice is yours.


#4: Revenge voodoo to hurt someone

 Illustration of a dark, ominous spellbook with the title "Revenge Spell" emblazoned in fiery letters, alongside a depiction of a figure cloaked in shadow, emanating a sense of menace and pain.

It is important to note that using voodoo or any form of harmful magic to hurt someone intentionally goes against ethical principles and can have serious consequences.

It is always recommended to seek peaceful resolutions and focus on positive energy rather than engaging in revenge or harm. However, if you feel like going ahead to hurt someone because what they did was so wrong and unfair, then go ahead.


  • Light 3 black candles at midnight and repeat the following three times.

If you have a bell, you should ring it three times at the beginning of this ritual.


I call to the mighty bringer of light, Lucifer…

“Spirits of the abyss, here my call 

all most powerful one and all 

Lucifer my thoughts do sing 

through the universe they now ring 

Take thine enemy, take him smite 

Break him, scorn him in the night 

From the mighty depths of hell 

cast your darkness on his shell 

Oh Lucifer, oh shinning star 

Touch him, burn him from afar 

Revenge now will have its day 

for thine enemy starts to fray” 

So mote it be!


During the time spent doing this revenge spell, you should be worked up into a frenzy of anger and thinking of the darkness about to descend upon your enemy. When you are done, extinguish the candles.


#5: Revenge spell for enemies

A revenge spell is a form of ritual or magic aimed at seeking retribution against one’s enemies. It involves channeling intense emotions, such as anger and hatred, to manifest negative energy towards the target. The purpose is to bring harm or misfortune to those who have wronged you.


Why would you want to cast this revenge spell for enemies?

There can be various reasons why someone may choose to cast a revenge spell for enemies. It could be a way to regain a sense of power and justice, seeking closure for the harm inflicted upon them.

Additionally, it might serve as a deterrent to prevent further harm or as a means of protecting oneself from future attacks.

This spell is very painful, and I call it 3 Nights of Hell. 
This spell will inflict serious pain and sores on the enemy for 3 strange days. After which the spell is lifted, he is made well again.

Here’s how to cast it:

  • Take a black candle, place a picture of your enemy in front of you, and tilt the candle so the wax drips upon the would-be victim in the picture.
  • Visualize the wax-burning sores in the body of your enemy. While doing so, chant the following 3 times:


“As I do this candle spell

Bring thine enemy 3 nights of hell 

Candle black, black as night 

Bring him pains of flesh tonight! 

Lesions on his skin will grow 

Afflict him with a painful blow 

Sores and pain afflict him now 

for 3 nights he’ll wonder how 

Dukes of darkness, Kings of hell 

Smite thine enemy, bring him hell 

when 3 nights of pain have past 

Make him well, well at last”.

After sitting and thinking about the sores that will inflict your enemy and the pain he will suffer, you may then extinguish the candle. When 3 nights have passed tear up the photo and say the following:


“When 3 nights of pain endured, 

I lift this curse rest assured 

Darkness leave him, 

go away, the curse is lifted now, today!” 


#6: Revenge spell for cheaters

Illustration of a dark, mystical spellbook open to a page titled "Revenge Spell for Cheaters," surrounded by a black candle, a vial of potion, and scattered herbs on a wooden table.

Marriage to Hell Hex

Were you unfairly cheated on, and they ended up getting married? Uoch! That hurts and really stinks.

This revenge spell is for you.

This revenge spell is for those who wish to break up a marriage by causing extreme chaos in the victim’s relationship.

This will bring about the most chaotic vibrations in their household of hell. For hell is exactly what you will be bringing them.


This will bring each of them to a boiling point where they will be tempted to kill one another. This revenge spell is not for those who want to break up a couple.


For that, you can use one of my other less-harmful spells. This is for someone you really hate with a passion—someone who you wish to see suffer intensely, with the result being a broken heart and broken mind for them.


A total collapse of their little white picket fence dream An end to their happy little world of love and harmony. If you truly have the evil seed, this spell is indeed for you to cast.


What you need for this revenge spell for cheaters

  • You will need four black candles for this spell.
  • A picture of the intended victim and
  • some anointing oil.

You only need a picture of the person whose marriage you wish to dissolve.

If you have a picture that contains the couple together, that is fine, but you will focus mainly on one of the two.

You will also need:

  • a red marker,
  • a hammer,
  • two nails and
  • a block of wood that is around 1’x1’ square.


First, you will want to anoint the candles with the oil, and while doing so, think of all the chaos this hex will be causing.

Visualize in your mind the victim’s mental hell they will be going through, and visualize them fighting with words of extreme hate and violence.

Visualize them finally splitting up and divorcing. Visualize this divorce being bitter to the end!


Part 1.


  • Place the picture of the victim on the block of wood.
  • With the red marker, draw a red heart on the forehead and the chest of the victim in the picture.
  • Take your hammer and drive the nail into the heart drawn on the head of the victim in the picture.

While doing so, say the following words:

“With this nail I stab your heart soon your love so near will part.”


  • Take your hammer and drive the nail into the heart drawn on the chest of the victim in the picture.

While doing so, say the following words:

“With this nail I stab your mind insanity you now shall find.”


Part 2.


  • Place the black candles at four points around the picture of the victim.
  • Place them North, South, East, and West.

During all this, you should be facing east.

Allow for the black wax from the candle to drip down onto the picture.

Thus symbolizing him being surrounded by darkness, negativity, and chaos. Then, when you are ready, chant the following words with the utmost sincerity:


“Lords of Darkness, 

Lords of Night 

bring this hex now to flight. 

take this man I see before me now 

speed up his karma, bring him down.

take his marriage and break it apart 

bring it chaos and hate, now to start. 

tear their love to shreds so fine 

what was is gone, now is the time. 

no longer shall they be together 

his close nit family shall now be severed. 

when together they start to smother 

each doest want to kill the other. 

no longer shall ye be as one 

your marriage is over what’s done is done! 

Lords of Darkness, 

Lords of Night

bring this hex now to flight.” 

So it be!


Remember that the word his may be changed to her, and so forth. When you are done, extinguish the candles and leave everything set up as it is, and you may repeat the second part of the spell for three nights, starting with lighting the candles, meditating, and reciting the incantation.

At the end of three nights, you may want to leave everything still set up for a while to keep that vibration going out there to do its work.

Then, when you feel it is time, you may dispose of everything. If you are like me, you will even make throwing it in the trash a ritual. What I mean is I will think of throwing it into the trash as symbolizing the victim’s life of happiness—going to the trash to be gone forever!

#7: Revenge spell with black magic, Witchcraft (using Voodoo)

Smitten, battered, beaten, and torn

A VOODOO revenge Spell of torment and pain affliction. This powerful spell harnesses the energy of revenge and black magic to inflict torment and pain on your target.

Through the practice of Voodoo, you can seek justice for the suffering you have endured. Remember, it is important to approach these spells with caution and respect for the consequences they may bring.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Light two black candles on the altar where you have worked up the negative energy and your anger has built…
  • Take the Voodoo doll and visualize with intensity that it is your enemy before you.

You may even cut out the face on a picture of your victim and glue it to the head of the Voodoo doll. If you have any nail clippings, hair follicles, or any small item that has the victim vibration on it, you can place it inside the Voodoo doll.

That will make it a much stronger connection and all the more powerful. Once you have worked up the negative energy, your anger has reached its boiling point.

  • Slam it to the altar and stab one time at the doll in the place where you wish to afflict pain.
  • Then take another pin if you so desire and prick the doll once again in a place where you wish to afflict more pain.

Each time you stab at the Voodoo doll, make sure you are visualizing that you are actually inflicting pain on your enemy. Please do not touch the pins after you have placed them.

While doing this, recite the following incantation:


“Smitten, battered, beaten, torn 

I prick at thee as if a thorn 

Suffer now I will not wait 

With this pin I seal your fate 

Pins so sharp and made of steel 

I strike at thee, these pins you’ll feel 

Smitten, battered, beaten, torn 

I curse you now, your pain is born!”

You may repeat this for a few days if you wish, adding more pins and leaving the ones that are already there alone.

Please do not touch the pins after you have placed them. Once again, if you touch any of the pins after they have been placed, the curse will come back on you. Backfire!


#8: Revenge Spell for mean and stubborn people

Illustration of a dark, mystical spellbook open to a page titled "Revenge Spell for mean and stubborn people," surrounded by a black candle, a vial of potion, and scattered herbs on a wooden table.

A Curse for the Vain

Here is a curse for someone who is extremely vain. This will bring them insanity from their vanity. It will make them crazy in their minds, thinking they are ugly and no longer pretty to the world.


Sometimes, we come across people in our lives that we cannot stand because these people are so vain, and they think that they are better than us just because they were blessed with extremely good looks.


It’s one thing if they are good-looking, but it is another thing if they go around acting like they know it. If you are like me, then it is time to knock them off their high horse.


I personally hate people like this and would like nothing better than for these people to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, saying, I look like crap. I hate myself and my looks! Oh my, this is a great spell, and there are so many people deserving of it.


This is how to cast this powerful revenge spell:


  • Take hair and nail clippings and a picture of the one you wish to punish.
  • Take the picture and write the words “Beauty and Charm” on it with a black magic marker.
  • Place all this in your cauldron and set it on fire.

You will want to do this outside in order to protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning or burning your house down. As the fire starts to burn, read the following incantation:


“(Persons name) whom I now see 

you’ll go insane from vanity. 

You’ll see yourself as others do 

all your looks are gone from you. 

What was is gone and now is true 

all your beauty will flee from you. 

You look in the mirror, yourself to tend 

your youthful face has come to an end. 

Your mighty ego now is broken 

you’ll go insane in that same token. 

I take this all away from you 

because of all the things you do. 

Once you thought you were so great 

I bring you down to meet your fate. 

The smell of stench is in the air 

around you now, you’ll lose your hair 

In your mind you’ll go insane 

vanity is now your pain.”

 “I accept this now manifesting by the powers of the Deities

that rule the Darkest of the abyss…Lucifer, Belzebut and Astarot. 

Aid me in my endeavors and carry out my wishes. 

So be it!”


Take the ashes and place them in a small bag or container. The reason you want to save every bit of this is so that you can place the ashes around your victim’s house.

If you are someone who does go into this person’s house, that will be all the better, for you can sprinkle them around the inside of the house in different places.

After you have read the incantation, you will want to sit and meditate on the curse and visualize all these things happening to the victim of your choosing.

When you are done meditating for a few minutes, make sure the fire is completely out and return to your nightly affairs.


Final words:

Thinking about using revenge spells to get revenge means you have to think hard about what will happen next.

It’s not just about being mad; it’s about doing what is right and taking care of yourself and others.

Using revenge spells should not be taken lightly, as they can have serious consequences. It is important to consider the ethical implications and potential harm that may result from seeking revenge. Prioritize finding healthier ways to address conflicts and focus on personal growth instead.



  1. What are the risks of casting a revenge spell?
    • You could feel bad inside, get in trouble with the law, or make people scared of you.
  2. Can black magic spells backfire?
    • Yes, sometimes the spell can turn around and cause problems for the person who did it.
  3. Are there any safe practices when dealing with black magic?
    • It’s hard to say because black magic is risky, but being careful and protecting yourself is important.
  4. How does one protect themselves when casting a spell?
    • Some people use special words, objects, or sayings to try to stay safe when they do a spell.
  5. What are some signs that a revenge spell is working?
    • Some say you might see strange things happen, or the person who hurt you might start having problems.








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