how to make him want you more

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The dance of desire is a beautiful mix of feeling connected, being attracted to each other, and having a strong personal pull. You’ve come to the right place if you want to know “how to make him want you more.”

This blog will show you an unusual way to do things: a spiritual ritual that will make you more attractive and make people want you more.

Figuring out the secrets of desire

Just looking good is not enough to make someone want to be with you. “True desire comes from a deep emotional connection, mutual respect, and personal intrigue,” says Dr. Jane Warren, an expert on relationships. Sarah, one of Jane’s clients, was able to change her relationship by adding these things, which made her partner want her more than ever.


Still, self-confidence is the most important thing that sparks desire. “Self-love is a powerful magnet that draws others to you,” says Richard Hall, a well-known life coach. This is what happened to Emily. She went on a journey of self-discovery and self-love, which led her to a partner who really wanted her.


The spiritual side of what we want

Spiritual rituals can have a big effect on our relationships and make us want things more. The psychics at PsychicOz agree that one’s spiritual space has an effect on their romantic desires. “A spiritual space that is aligned and open can make two people feel a lot more attracted to each other,” says psychic Anna.

The story of Lily shows that this is true. Even though she had trouble finding love, she was able to find a partner who was really interested in her after she added spiritual practices to her life.

The Red Phallus Candle Ritual: how to make him want you more

Ready to learn how to make him want you more?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the Red Phallus Candle ritual:

  1. Write his name on a red phallus candle—red symbolizes passion and love.
  2. Stroke the candle nine times with musk oil, a known aphrodisiac.
  3. Pass the candle through the smoke of musk incense, intensifying its power.
  4. Light the candle daily, allowing it to burn 1/2 an inch each time.
  5. When the candle has fully burnt, wrap it in a piece of red satin and store it under your bed for one month.

By taking care of the ritual, you’re taking care of your desire and keeping it close.


What if you don’t see any changes after performing the ritual?

If you did the ritual but haven’t seen any changes, it’s important to remember that spiritual changes can be slow and subtle. When this happens, PsychicOz can help by giving you a deeper look into your spiritual space and giving you advice.


Where to buy the materials required

For the ritual to be effective, use authentic and high-quality elements. You can purchase a red phallus candle, musk oil, and musk incense from trusted sources such as The Mystic Corner, The Spiritual Shop, or Luna’s Grimoire.



Bring an open heart and mind to this ritual. Remember that the key to making him want you more is a delicate balance of self-assured allure, emotional connection, and spiritual alignment.

The Red Phallus Candle ritual is a powerful tool on this path, but it works best when combined with self-love and confidence.

Your journey to figure out how to make him want you more is as unique as you are. Be patient, love yourself, and remember that love, like any journey, is about growing and learning as you go.

And if you have the right tools and guidance, you’ll be on a path toward deeper love and more desire.



  • Dr. Jane Warren, Relationship Expert
  • Richard Hall, Life Coach
  • Anna, Psychic Professional, PsychicOz


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